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    Fun City At Ali Mall Araneta Center Cubao

    Last week, we were exploring our options on where to take our daughter since she has been longing for a “pasyal”. My hubby stumbled on a picture of an indoor playground located in Araneta Center. We thought it was located in Gateway, so we decided to give it a go.   However, when we asked some personnel where the play area was, they pointed us at Timezone. We asked another one, and he referred us to go Fun City in Ali Mall.   What’s Inside Fun City ?   Fun City is indeed a “city” because it was a really huge indoor playground I’ve been into so far.   It…

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    Kira’s Box at Trinoma Mall

    It’s been a while since we went to Trinoma. After Olive’s visit from the doctor, we hitched a ride with my sister since they were going there.   After eating our lunch, we let Olive ride on the carousel, Ferris wheel and some kiddie rides in Timezone. We decided to roam around the mall after, but we came across this little indoor playground named Kira’s Box.   What’s Inside Kira’s Box ?   Kira’s Box is a charming little playground that’s more focused on pretend play. It’s not as big as Kidzoona but it’s more than enough for little kids to have fun with.     Once you get inside,…

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    Kidzoona at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf

    Kidzoona in Ayala Malls Cloverleaf opened late last year. One very hot Sunday afternoon, we decided to escape the scalding weather and made a trip to this indoor playground.   This branch is bigger than the one visited in Lucky Chinatown Mall. Its price is also a bit cheaper — 200 pesos for 1 hour, which already includes one guardian fee. If there would be an additional guardian, you will have to pay 100 pesos. Socks are offered for 30 pesos a pair.   As mentioned on my previous post on toddler playground tips, we checked if the place was too crowded to let Olivia play in. Thankfully, it was…

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    Kids Paradise at Fisher Mall

    Kids Paradise is an indoor playground located at the 4th level of Fisher Mall in Quezon City. It’s beside the School of Ballet Manila and facing the mini carousel. We decided to let Olivia play in here one Sunday afternoon. The place was not yet packed since most people were still taking their lunch. The rate of Kids Paradise is 150 pesos for one hour. It is already inclusive of one guardian. There would be an additional 50 pesos in case the other parent or guardian would like to get in. They sell a pair of socks at 25 pesos in case you forgot to bring a pair. What’s Inside…

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    Mother-Daughter Bonding at Kidzoona Lucky Chinatown Mall

    When my daughter’s yaya took her vacation last Christmas break,  I thought about taking Olivia to Kidzoona during her birthday. Since her birthday is on the 26th, I assumed the place won’t be as crowded since Christmas was over. Unfortunately, it was still crazy packed! The venue had even reached its maximum capacity, so I decided we’ll go again next week. So a few days after the new year, we finally get to go. I was glad there were just a few kids playing, since it was already back to school and work for most people. Time for mother and daughter bonding time! The one in this mall is located at…

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