• Halo-Halo Histories books

    Bring Back the Fun in Learning Our History with “Halo-Halo Histories”

    Studying histories had all become a blur back in my school-days. It was all about memorizing relevant dates and enumerating countless historical personalities. Reading the textbook was so monotonous, it usually lulled me to sleep. ? It was literally information overload. But something sparked my interest in reading history books again. I saw a newspaper article about a book made for the younger generation. It’s written in a very interesting and millennial manner with hints of humor in each page. “A Lolong Time Ago” This is the first volume of the Halo-Halo Histories. As the title suggests, this book narrates about the prehistoric Philippines — from both mythical and factual creation…

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    Bahay Kubo and Other Filipino Books

    Olivia’s library is composed mostly of English story and educational books. I thought it will also be good if I put a variety to her bookshelf, so I got this idea of including Filipino books in her collection. I bought three books that I thought she would be interested in. “Bahay Kubo” I would have to give a huge credit to my daughter’s yaya who had taught her how to sing “Bahay Kubo”. It’s just adorable how she sings it, especially towards the end wherein she holds a very long note to the word “lingaaaaaaa”. She either repeatedly sings it on her own, or we could tell her to sing…

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