• My pump yield of less than one ounce at 26 months of breastfeeding.
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    Yes, I Still Breastfeed My Two-Year Old

    I made the decision to breastfeed when I was pregnant with Olivia. My target back then was to breastfeed until six months and then the goal became twelve months. Twenty six months later (and counting), she is still breastfeeding. I Stopped Pumping at Work… I had felt a sort of separation anxiety with my breast pump equipment when I decided to stop pumping at work. The two-year routine had become a part of my system which I was reluctant to let go of at first. My body still wants to pump but my mind told me I have already done my best the past two years. I was afraid that…

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    When Our Toddler Says “Again!”

    When Olivia was two months old, I started reading a book to her. I was happy when she was responding in her own baby language or eliciting a toothless grin. I read the same book again in the succeeding months until I memorized every page and was reciting the story to her even without opening the book. Then, I grew tired of the book, so I decided to acquire different ones for a change. However, she did not like them. She still wanted the same old book I have read (and recited to her) over and over. Fast forward two years later, I’m now trying my best not to say…

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    Public Commuting Experience with My Toddler

    We have been commuting with Olivia since she was born. We have been booking Grab rides whenever we take her to the clinic, mall and party venues. It has been very convenient, but it also has becoming quite expensive. Since she was very young then, this is the only form of commuting we know. We did not ride the public jeepney nor take the train because of safety reasons. I honestly admire those parents who are able to commute with their child via public transportation. Then, I thought, if these gutsy moms can tag along 3 kids to ride a jeepney, why can’t I do it with just one child…

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    Letting a Toddler Play in a Playground

    When Olivia turned one, we are letting her play in a playground because we want her to experience a new environment, interact with other kids, find a new outlet to release her energy and practice her mobility skills. Since she is just a newbie, we still need to guide her as she explores this place. Let me share with you what I have learned so far about letting a toddler play inside a playground. Research about the place It’s good to plan ahead. Visit its website or Facebook page to be able to get a description on how it looks like. Read some reviews and other blogger’s experience or recommendation…

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    Why I Let My Toddler Create a Mess

    Little kids make all kinds of mess — liquid spills, food scraps, toys scattered all over the floor, pen and crayon marks and even stickers on floor or cabinets. As much as we wanted the house to be sparkling clean, living with a toddler makes it impossible. After arranging the toys and books properly on the shelf, thirty seconds later, the room becomes chaotic again. My daughter is part of the kid-nation of mess makers. She will open her toy bin and gleefully strew them all over the bed and floor. Then, she will get a book, go through the pages, and will grab another one, until all of them…

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    Hi Again!

    Hello! At last, I am able to finally upgrade my blog by formally getting my own domain and the works. Hopefully (with toes and fingers crossed), I would be able to improve more and carry on with this hobby. So, what had happened during my hiatus ? Well, I gave birth to a very adorable baby girl. It has been a “messy-hair-don’t-care” kind of life since, but I’m loving every minute of it! I will be sharing mommy related anecdotes and musings. I will try my best to post as much as possible! 🙂 See you again!

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