My Period Cloth Pad Experience

I had written about my decision to switch to using period cloth pads on my previous post. Now, I’d be sharing my experience in using these “age-old” but healthier alternative to common disposable pads.

Cloth Pad Brands

As mentioned, a lot of local brands manufacture and distribute period pads. Some brands are HannahPad PH, Vezees Closet, Binibining Lakambini, and Etoffe Creations. There may be more than I’ve searched for. Amongst these brands, I went for Etoffe Creations because the shop is the most visible in Lazada.

Etoffe Creations

I bought my cloth pads from Etoffe Creations. They have an online store in Lazada that are usually sold individually and by sets.

I found out too late that you can directly buy from them. The price is cheaper than buying from Lazada. However, the payment method is COD, while in Lazada, you can pay via credit card. Well, I’d still recommend buying direct.

The seller is very accommodating and you can choose the designs you want.

The price in Lazada varies depending on the sets/packs you need. If you were to buy direct, the price as follows:

  • Heavy Flow — 119 pesos per piece
  • Regular Flow — 99 pesos per piece
  • Pantyliner — 79 pesos per piece

Shipping fee is not yet included.

The Period Pad’s Specifications

Etoffe Creations manufacture their own pads. The absorbent part of the pad is made of layers of microfiber and bamboo charcoal. The backing is made of polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric, making it waterproof. I found out that PUL is actually being used for most medical beddings. Likewise, it’s the same material found in our baby’s cloth nappies.

Each has wings with snap button instead of the usual adhesive found in disposables. It’s meant to make sure it stays in place.

The heavy flow pad measures 31 cm long while the regular pad is at 25 cm long. The liners’ size is at 22.5 cm.

First Impression

I bought 12 pieces heavy flow pads and 8 pieces regular pads.

My order was simply packed in a transparent packaging with a piece of care instructions note inside.

Upon opening the package, I immediately unbuttoned the heavy flow pads. It’s surprisingly not that bulky as I had imagined it. It’s not also as thin as the disposable ones. The regular pads are smaller, and also not too thick.

The design prints did not disappoint either. I think it used sublimation printing which is more environment friendly.

First Time Usage

I washed the newly arrived orders immediately. Few days after receipt of the package, Aunt Flo finally came. And, boy, I was really looking forward to it!

It was a weekend, so I got to use it first at home. First, it felt “hot”, maybe because I was used to the feel of the disposable pad for many years. Nonetheless, I was able to adapt after a few hours of wearing it.

The wings really did do its job of securing it in place. (Of course, you should not wear very loose underwear with it.)

Few days later, it started to feel comfortable to wear. It’s also true that you will not feel itchy or those burning sensations sometimes caused by disposables.

The microfiber really does absorb the liquid. So far, I did not experience any leaks after 4 hours maximum of wearing it. You could naturally smell a hint of blood, but the bamboo charcoal minimizes it.

The good news is, it does not look obvious when worn with tight pants. Just like your ordinary disposable pads!

Using Period Pads in the Office

Some may claim that it would be quite a hassle to bring period pads outside your home or when traveling. Likewise, since it’s reusable, you would have to bring back home all used ones.

The question is, would it stink inside your bag ? Would you need to bring a separate bag for it ?

I brought along two zippered pouches to separate the unused and used ones. Moreover, I did wrap the used ones with a scratch paper for good measure before putting them inside the pouch. Both pouches were kept inside my bag.

Once I got home from the office, the pouch for used ones did not smell at all.

How to Wash Used Pads

Based on the cleaning instructions, you could soak the stained pads in saltwater. You may wash it by hand or machine thereafter. If you don’t plan to wash it right away, just soak it or just let them dry til your next laundry.

Let your washed pads hang to dry and ideally exposed under sun. It’s not advisable to use bleach or fabric softener because it would affect its absorbency.

I use Perla detergent bar to wash it, since it’s a mild soap. The addition of salt on stains is really effective.

It may really be tedious to wash them at first. But, once you would have developed the habit of washing them, it would just like be an ordinary laundry day.

Yes To Period Pads!

I’d definitely be using these pads from now on! It’s just the same thing as using disposable pads less the health and environment hazard. It may be an additional chore to wash them, but, heck, I’d rather do my health (and the environment) a favor.

I recommend these to all ladies. Likewise, these could also be used for those who have incontinence. I bought some for my mother for this purpose.

Assess your cycle (and type of flow) so that you would have an idea on how many pieces to buy and what type to use. You could explore other brands which would fit to your budget. You could buy a one or two pieces as samples to try. But I’m sure, you’d buy more later on!

You may order direct from Etoffe Creations. Viber number is +63917 861 2131. You may also order from their Lazada page.

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