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Our Toddler’s First Disney On Ice Experience

I grew up watching Disney films. We usually spend our summer days binge watching films from Bambi to Toy Story. And who does not love the Disney Princesses films ?

Sometimes, having a kid is a good excuse to do kid stuffs you’ve always wanted to do yourself. And Disney On Ice was that perfect excuse.

I’ve been always curious about it since it started its run here in Manila. Thankfully, Olive knows enough Disney characters to pass up as a newbie spectator of the show.

Disney On Ice Tickets

We were actually having second thoughts on booking tickets at first. We were asking ourselves whether it would be worth to watch since Olive is just three years old and might not remember anything after.

Eventually, we pushed through with it. Let’s just say, we wanted our daughter to experience the “magic” of it.

I booked online via SM Ticketnet.

This is the pricing tier :

  • Front Row — 4,230 pesos
  • SVIP — 3,180 pesos
  • VIP — 2,650 pesos
  • Lower Box Center — 1,800 pesos
  • Lower Box Premium — 1,480 pesos
  • Lower Box Regular — 1,270 pesos
  • Upper Box — 690 pesos
  • General Admission — 190 pesos

It’s nice that they have lower priced tickets, so that every Filipino kids could get to experience the fun.

We chose to seat on lower box regular.

Some lessons learned on booking:

  • Book really early because seats could get sold out fast. Especially if you wanted to watch during the weekend.
  • Purchase tickets direct from SM Cinemas or Disney On Ice pop up ticket booths next time, so that it could at least help me save 300-peso worth of online booking fee.

What’s Disney On Ice About

Year 2018 was Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. Hence, they tag lined the show as Mickey’s Super Celebration.

The spectacle was opened by two hosts (I forgot their names). They were holding interactive “mouse” pads to let the kids participate in the action.

Then, Mickey, together with Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, entered the stage much to everybody’s delight! They had a dance number along with other talented performers.

The theme of the show was about finding Mickey’s favorite memory. It was divided into two main acts.

First Act

Toy Story

The Disney On Ice show kicked off with Toy Story’s Woody and Jessie. They danced to the tune of Woody’s Roundup.

Then, Buzz Lightyear appeared and joined them on the dance. Hamm, Rex and Sergeant Soldier came out later on.

I was personally delighted to see Hamm and Rex on skates. So cute!

Finding Dory

Next was the reenactment of the film, Finding Dory. The gang was complete — Dory, Marlin, and of course, Nemo. Mr. Ray also made an appearance.

And who would have thought that Hank the Octopus could skate on those eight tentacles ?

Disney’s Princesses

These lovely ladies are in charge of the happily ever after in this generation. I grew up watching their films, and I still do watch some movies whenever they play on Disney Channel.  

  • Merida from Brave

This red haired beauty is no damsel in distress. You just got to love her personality. I liked the part where she shot an arrow.

  • Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is not really that popular here in the Philippines. But it was nice to include her in the line up. I think she needs a re-introduction as a smart and hardworking princess.

  • Cinderella

Cinderella brought her loveliness along with Prince Charming.

  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric may be with her, but she brought the house down with her amazing aerial dancing skills. What a talented lady whoever she was!

  • Mulan

This Chinese beauty is all about bravery and honor. I liked the part of the Chinese dragon’s appearance.

  • Jasmine from Aladdin

I was really expecting magic carpet here. Maybe next time once it gets popular again because of the upcoming live action film.

  • Rapunzel from Tangled

She is another talented lass. This time, she and Eugene performed on aerial silk.  Amazing!

Belle and Snow White were in the line up, but they did not have solo performances.

Second Act

There was a 30-minute break before the second part of the show. The hosts then came back again and continued on the search for Mickey’s favorite memory.

Inside Out

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear made a short appearance in the second act. I just hope they would have more exposure next time.

Mickey and the Brooms from Fantasia

Fantasia was a classic Mickey Mouse film depicting from the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I watched it a long time ago when I was still younger, but I can no longer recall the story anymore.

I like the brooms. Just wondered how they were able to see through those costumes.


This was indeed the highlight of the show. Frozen is still strong even after five years since it was released on film. Every little girl just loves Elsa and Anna.

The songs have become truly classic. Almost everyone in the audience can sing along.

They performed Do You Want to Build A Snowman, Love Is An Open Door, and of course, the uber famous Let It Go.

I loved the falling snow effects and of course, Elsa’s solo number. And oh, Olaf was there too.


Moana was released two years ago, and I was able to watch it last year. I like its soundtrack, so it’s quite obvious that kids could also sing along to its banner song How Far I’ll Go.

But my personal favorite is You’re Welcome.

The second act closed with all performers dancing with Mickey and the gang. Mickey finally found his favorite memory, which is THE present. His favorite memory was being able to perform for the Filipino families in Manila.

Olivia’ Reaction While Watching Disney On Ice

Olivia is not yet familiar with all Disney movies. She only knows Mickey and the gang, Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all characters from Inside Out.

I thought she would get agitated or bored for sitting and watching characters on skates. But, we were glad that she actually enjoyed the show, thanks to the very elaborate costumes, good music and talented performers.

She was actually clapping and gleefully shouting the names of the characters she knows of.

What A Great Show!

I truly recommend Disney On Ice for families with young kids (and for kids at heart maybe). When you know your child is enjoying something, it would emanate within you as well. It made me feel like a young kid again.

Overall, the show ran for an hour and a half, exclusive of the long break. It was a bit “bitin” for me. I was waiting for more. But for a kid, I guess it already made their day, especially if you’re a true Frozen fan.

I loved the costumes, performers and the effects. Every familiar character who comes out of that curtain would make you exclaim “Oh there’s Mickey! Look it’s Olaf !” and so on.

Disney On Ice definitely brought more magic to the holiday season!

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