• Musings

    Why I Finally Switched To Using Period Cloth Pads

    I remember that our female elders used “lampins” or thick cloth during their monthly cycle. They call it “pasador” in the vernacular. When I was a teenager, I cannot imagine myself using a “pasador”. I thought it was the ickiest and yuckiest thing to wear. Not to mention that it’s too tedious to wash afterwards. Disposable sanitary pads were the norm ever since. I started wearing one at the age of 13. There used to be like two kinds of pads-non-wing and with wings. Currently, you’d find every type possible in the market-cottony feel, ultra slim, long, dry feel, for night use, and even liners intended for daily wear. Advertising…

  • Places & Experiences

    Our Toddler’s First Disney On Ice Experience

    I grew up watching Disney films. We usually spend our summer days binge watching films from Bambi to Toy Story. And who does not love the Disney Princesses films ? Sometimes, having a kid is a good excuse to do kid stuffs you’ve always wanted to do yourself. And Disney On Ice was that perfect excuse. I’ve been always curious about it since it started its run here in Manila. Thankfully, Olive knows enough Disney characters to pass up as a newbie spectator of the show. Disney On Ice Tickets We were actually having second thoughts on booking tickets at first. We were asking ourselves whether it would be worth…

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