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Candy Factory at SM North EDSA Main Mall

SM North, though huge, does not really have one big play or arcade area. Most of them are divided into many pocket playgrounds and arcade halls per building.


Candy Factory is one of those indoor playground. It is located in the lower ground floor of SM North Main Mall, within the food court area.

What’s Inside Candy Factory


Candy Factory is very attractive from the outside. Its splash of pink, violet and blue hues unusually draws you in like a moth to a light bulb.


Candy Factory may be small, but it’s packed with everything an active child can enjoy.


Candy Factory’s Play Sections


  • Ball Pit

Well, all play areas are not considered one without a ball pit. I really like the balls’ color combination of blue, yellow, pink, white, opaque and a bit of green. There’s also a shooting board that lights up if you were able to get the ball within.





  • Slide

There are two slides (again pink and purple, oh what fun!) and one roller slide. I was particularly curious about the roller slide. I’d tell my experience with this one later on.



  • Trampoline

The trampoline looks like a boxing ring. I think the surrounding ropes are meant to prevent falls in case a kid went off balance.




  • Inflatable Bear-Go-Round

This is a huge inflatable teddy bear wherein you have to manually turn around. Not recommended for smaller kids though.



  • Climbing Cargo Net

This is a pseudo-obstacle course in which a child has to climb himself up amidst garterized ropes. There’s an inflatable mat on the bottom in case you’ve become unsuccessful with your climb.



  • Ball Shooters

This aims to practice your shooting skills. You could aim at the target (or sometimes your opponent).



  • Step On Piano

This is reminiscent of Tom Hank’s film, “Big”, but only smaller. I’m not sure if it really plays the correct notes though. It’s still fun, nevertheless.



  • Teeter-totter

These are small seesaws wrapped in tarpaulin.



  • Puzzle Zone

There is a tiny house wherein you could assemble the foam bricks on all sides. It’s like practicing masonry. There are also puzzles meant for tots, especially the gear puzzle, which was Olive’s favorite.





  • Rotating Chair

This is a merry-go-round of sort, but meant for single or double riders only. So, if you’re the type of person who just wanted to test your dizzying limit for fun, feel free to ride on this.





  • Restroom

Yes, a restroom! Thank goodness for this!


What Can We Say About Candy Factory


Olive’s definite favorite play area in Candy Factory was of course, the slide. We just let her go back and forth to it.


I was pretty curious about the roller slide. So, I convinced my daughter to slide down on it with me. It was fun, but, the rollers are made of metal, so it was a bit uncomfortable on the tush. Olive did not dig it also, so, I no longer persuaded her to go again.


She also would want to go to the trampoline as often as possible, but the volume of kids jumping altogether discourages her. We simply drag her from the ball pit and quickly put her on the trampoline whenever it was empty. She simply went out if ever a kid enters the ring.


She likewise became interested on the gear puzzle. It was nice how you begin to build a pattern, then, rotate one gear, and then every gear turns altogether.


I appreciated the indoor restroom. We don’t have to run out of the play area just to do our business.


Entrance Fee


Candy Factory’s price point is 250 pesos for an hour of play. However, we have to pay additional 100 pesos (it was a promo fee during that time) per parent or guardian. We ended up spending 450 pesos, which was a downer.




I think this will be more cost-efficient to older kids who no longer requires parental guidance. Some indoor play ground’s fee, like Kidzoona, already pays for one kid and one adult. I think its price does not complement it, considering how small the place is.


Other Remarks


There was only one staff overseeing the kids’ activity. So, it would really be ideal to accompany your kid if he’s 4 years or younger.


We may come back, but maybe not in another few months or so because I don’t feel like getting our money’s worth.


If Olive would be older and could be left alone to play, then, it’s probably worth more frequent visits.


Nonetheless, it’s still about your kid having fun for at least an hour a day.


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