Our First Maginhawa Food Adventure  

We used to celebrate our anniversary over usual restaurants or buffet within shopping malls. Since it’s our fifth anniversary this year, we decided to have a date in somewhere different.


One of the choices was to drink and paint in Sip and Gogh. However, I was having hesitations. Moreover, I was not able to make a reservation early. Hence, we decided to go next time.


We finally decided to explore the famous Maginhawa food joints. There were actually loads of good restaurants to choose from, based on blog reviews.


So, carpe diem! We let our footprints (and tummy) take us wherever it seemed interesting.


How We Navigated Maginhawa Street


We plotted out our Grab ride straight to The Nook Cafe’s address. However, it was still packed.


Therefore, we decided to start at Maginhawa Street’s “Point A”, which was almost at the corner of Makadio Street.


From “Point A” we walked up to its “Point B” (corner Magiting Street). Well, we walked its entire stretch of almost 2 kilometers, searching for good food!


The “Point A” and “Point B” parts of Maginhawa were a bit subdued, especially in the evening. There were few street lamps. Also, few people walked the streets.


But when you reach “the middle” portion of it (where the intersection of Maginhawa and Masinsinan Street is located), it was the complete opposite. There were loads of people and traffic. The area was vibrant and full of life.


We just thought maybe that area was where most of the famous restaurants were located. Or maybe, most people make it as their usual meet up points.


Since we were first timers, we were still a bit overwhelmed. It was like shopping in an unknown department store. There were just too many to try for one day.


First Stop — Urban Chick


Urban Chick is located at 195 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.


I felt like being transported to my university days as soon as we entered the place.


What’s Inside


Urban Chick is a tiny diner with less than 20 benches and long tables inside.



I think the reason why it’s in benches and long tables was because it was really meant for barkadas and families. People probably eat here in groups.




Their wide array of menu is written on a green board, but they also have paper menu which they hand over to their guests.


There’s also a wide screen T.V. that nobody really watches on because most guests (students) were engaged in lively conversation or just simply doing their homework.



The restroom was particularly distinctive because it has a message wall (if you’re the type who used to write on cubicle doors during your younger angst years). I did not get a photo of this, well, because I had no idea it looked like that (and who brings camera inside the restroom anyway?).


Let The Rubber Chicken Holler For Service


If restaurants have a call bell, this restaurant has a rubber chicken.


If you want to get the attention of the waitress, just give it a squeeze and it’ll let out a long, shrilling cluck.


I just found it really amusing.


The Menu


Urban Chick’s menu consists of the following categories:


  • Rice toppings
  • Veggie toppings
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pasta
  • BBQ’s
  • Breaded Chops
  • Sisig
  • Soups
  • Breakfast meals
  • Sandwiches
  • Platter meals
  • Drinks
  • Desserts




The prices are very budget friendly. Really great for students and barkadas.


What We Ordered


We thought of ordering pika-pika meals since this is just our first stop.


First, we ordered fish and chips. Unfortunately, the fish was out of stock.


Then, we ordered chicken wings. It was out of stock again.


Finally, we ordered cheesy bacon sandwich with a special sauce or gravy. At least, it was available.



The sandwich is composed of wheat bread, fried bacon, cheese and a special gravy. It was cut into clubhouse type. I actually liked the combination of bacon and gravy. That was a type of sandwich you can luxuriously eat.


For drinks, we just ordered water served in recycled wine bottles and plastic cups.


Final Remarks


If we were to come back here again, maybe we’ll try their BBQ’s. or rice meals. And hopefully, the fish and chips would be available by then.


Second Stop — The Nook Cafe (Coffee and Books)



The Nook Cafe is located in 164 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City.


We went here right after dining at Urban Chick. Good thing, seats were already available.


What’s Inside



The Nook is actually a Harry Potter inspired coffee shop. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then, you’d surely appreciate this place.


However, the place is very small. They have 3 table sets downstairs and 2 sets upstairs. You’d need to be patient in waiting if the place gets packed.


There were photograph of James and Lily Potter and a newspaper cover of the Daily Prophet downstairs.


I kinda saw the Sorting Hat and a Quidditch bludger on the counter. A broomstick (not sure if it’s the Nimbus 2000) is hanging from the ceiling.



We went upstairs and it was sort of mezzanine floor. There was a cork board with notes and drawings inspired from the book by the stairway. There was also a painting of Hogsmeade town when you look to the right.



Once you made it upstairs, there were Hogwarts school robes hanging on the wall. Well, younger guests would most likely wear them than adults like us. Moreover, you need to take off your shoes because you’d be sitting on pillow seats.


There were of course, Harry Potter books on a counter table by the middle of the room. Other young adult book titles and magazines were available as well.



Wands, owl displays and a box containing the Quidditch snitch were displayed as well.



Overall, the place is really for youngsters who would like to chill or chat with friends.


The Menu


Here is The Nook’s menu:


  • Pasta
  • Chicken Wings
  • Salad
  • Sandwiches
  • Potato wedges
  • Desserts
  • Coffee drinks
  • Tea drinks
  • Cold drinks
  • Book inspired drinks




The price range for the beverages are somewhat same as those in Starbucks. The most sought after drink they have is none other than the butterbeer.


What We Ordered


I just wanted to taste the butterbeer. So, we ordered a Harry-sized one and a platter of potato wedges and dips.


The potato tasted naturally cooked. (What I meant was it was not the usual commercial taste we are used to with fast food chains). There were 3 dips — ketchup, cheese and sour cream.



The butterbeer tasted like butter ball candy root beer for me. I know there are other restaurants serving butterbeer, so I’m not yet an expert on how this one would fare with others.


Final Remarks


I could go back here with my sister someday because we are both Harry Potter fans. Maybe I’d try Ron Weasley’s Chicken Platter or Luna’s salad…


Final Stop — RBCTY (Rib City)


Rib City is located at 63 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City.


This place was our final stop. This is at the “Point B” already of Maginhawa Street. I think my husband became very hungry at this point because we have walked a very long stretch.


What’s Inside



RBCTY is a straightforward restaurant for the typical millennials.


The interior does not have any gaudy interior because I think they just wanted to serve really good food.


A portion of the wall has framed black and white portraits of their famous customers.



RBCTY has toy bricks per table which you could play with while waiting for your order.

The Menu


RBCTY’s menu has the following categories:


  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Pasta
  • Sandwiches
  • Ribs with side dishes
  • Chicken and tempura platter
  • Desserts
  • Hot and cold beverages


The price point is not for the usual student. It’s more catered to the urban professional and families. A typical meal for two persons could cost around 500 to 800 pesos.


What We Ordered


My husband ordered the Surf and Turf All You Can Eat Ribs. I just ordered two ribs with rice and side dish.



The ribs were really tender to the bite. I like the sauce but I think I still prefer the one in RACKS.


I was not able to finish the ribs because I was not feeling really hungry. If I would have not eaten prior to going here, I might have enjoyed and devoured it all.


Final Remarks


RBCTY is a good place for a date night or family gathering. I would advise to visit this place with really, really hungry stomach because you would surely be satisfied with all yummy ribs they serve here.


Other Maginhawa Food Joints Wish List


We intend to visit this street next time. Maybe, we could try Snacks and Ladders, Van Gogh is Bipolar, The Wander Space, Grape Escape and many more to mention.


My takeaway from this experience was to plan where you really want to eat. There’s no need to try out everything all in the same day because there are just too many restaurants offering good menu there. You could visit here once a month or every two months.


It’s also good to go there late in the afternoon, partly because you don’t want the heat make you more “h-angry”. Likewise, most restaurants open late in the day.




Overall, we enjoyed our anniversary date night. I do look forward to more Maginhawa food adventures!


I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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