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Halloween Trick-or-Treat With My Toddler

It has been days since Halloween.


Last year, our office kicked off the trick-or-treat activity for employees’ kids. I was able to bring Olive, and we just tire ourselves out because yaya and I took turns lifting her while going on different stations. But we had fun nonetheless.


This year, we had a Disney Pixar themed Halloween, so it was more kid friendly. As usual, I brought along my daughter.


Costume, Costume, Costume


It was easy dressing her up the previous Halloween. I just recycled her first birthday dress and her fairy wings used during her photo shoot. It made her look like a fairy princess without shelling out anything.


This year, I had no choice but to buy, because she doesn’t have any clothing that could pass up as a costume. Likewise, I’m not the sort of Pinterest worthy crafty parent who could make a DIY costume for her.


Olive likes Owlette from PJ Masks. I decided to look for one in Divisoria because the original one sold in malls was like a whopping two thousand pesos.


One specific stall located at the second level of Divisoria Mall sells all kinds of costumes, from superhero to national costumes.


The Owlette costume was priced at PHP 550. I negotiated it for a better price at PHP 500.


Costume Dilemma


I was excited to show Olive her costume.


When she saw it, she just kinda looked at it and then later on said, “Si Gekko yan eh, hindi Owlette.”


It puzzled me. I even insisted that it’s Owlette’s costume since it had the cape and all.


When I looked closely at the costume, oh, snap!


The costume may be colored red and had a cape like Owlette’s, but its details were really that of Gekko’s. The symbol on the front chest were Gekko’s. There was a tail behind the pants and the print had lizard scales all over it.


A slap on the forehead with that one. 


I tried to convince her again, but we just ended up doing a cat and mouse chase. It was clear that she didn’t want her costume.


Plan B


The next day, I had it exchanged with another costume. I just opted for a doctor’s lab gown with medical toys. That way, she’d look like Doc McStuffins.


I showed her the second costume again, but she still does not want to wear the lab gown. Oh, brother.


Well, at least she was interested with the toys.


I didn’t have the energy to go back to Divisoria and had it exchanged again. So, at the back of my mind, I thought about a Plan C.


Since she had a backpack, I’d just let her wear a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and the backpack. Voila! She could be Dora the Explorer.


But then, I just remembered that my nephew has a fox costume he wore recently in his school. So, I asked my sister if I could borrow it, just for Plan D.


Halloween Day


We arrived at the office before lunchtime.


I let her explore our wonderfully Pixar inspired workplace.








She seemed to appreciate all the balloons hanging on the ceiling. She picked up a small one and was carrying it around until the end of the day.


When it almost time for the trick-or-treat activity, I told her we should change into her costume already. She was still refusing to wear one. I just cajoled her that other kids were already wearing their own costume. But she was still adamantly saying “no”.


I left her and yaya in a vacant room to get dressed since I went back to my workstation to get something. When I got back, she was already crying.


Well, I cannot let her go into full-blown tantrum mode.  I carried her in my arms and promised her that we’d take it off as soon as the activity was over.


I motioned her yaya to start dressing her up while I told her we would go and visit the stuffed spider again. (She was particularly fond of this display in one of my office mates’ workstation).


Later on, she stopped crying when I took her to where the spider was.


Oh, she wore the fox costume, by the way.



Trick-Or-Treat Time


Olive seemed to have forgotten her issues with her costume. She got distracted with all the other kids in their best Halloween ensemble.


The kids hollered “trick-or-treat” at every workstation. I saw her lips doing the same as well.  Likewise, she said “thank you” after being handed out a loot bag.






After the last station, she appeared exhausted. Eventually, she dozed off in her yaya’s arms.


By the time she woke up, she wanted to take off her costume again, so I did as promised. Then, she played until it was time to go home.


Note To Self On Our Next Halloween Adventure


I’d definitely bring her along when scouting for her next Halloween costume. Hopefully, by that time, she’d be more willing to wear a costume.


Or, I might have a crack on doing a DIY instead. ?

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