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Forty Adorable Things Our Toddler Does

Our daughter is now two years and nine months. Time really does fly. Who would have thought our once cutie baby is now an adorable toddler. She’s now our big baby girl.


There are a lot of things that our toddler does that I just couldn’t simply capture on video. That’s why I have enumerated forty adorable things she has been doing which we could look back to when she would have become older.


The Adorable Things She Does During Mealtime…


  • How she observes the spoon first to check if there were pieces of meat (and how she exaggerates her cringes when there really is meat)
  • How she simply dislikes chewing meat
  • How she moves your hand towards her mouth when you’re feeding her her favorite food (ice cream and yogurt in particular)
  • How she refuses to eat when she has something to say or wanted to sing


The Adorable Things She Does During Screen Time…


  • How she genuinely laughs when she sees a funny scene
  • How she sings along to the cartoon’s opening theme song
  • How she mumbled “careful,careful” when she was watching Woody (from Toy Story 2) carefully avoiding the cheese curls from being stepped on the floor
  • How she identifies every good-looking personality on local TV as “James Reid”
  • How she grabs her toy guitar when she sees someone on TV playing the same instrument
  • How she pushes the power button on the remote and will triumphantly say “I did it!”


The Adorable Things She Does During Play Time…


  • How she mysteriously makes her toy disappear and would suddenly turn up in the most unexpected places
  • How she sometimes prefers tinkering scrap boxes and old cable wires over her toys
  • How she imagines a piled up toy stacker as a “castle”
  • How she pretends to wash her hands from her toy kitchen sink and then wipe them on your face


The Adorable Things She Does When “Performing”…


  • How she considers rolling her tush on the floor as an awesome dance step
  • How she sings garbled lyrics but still manages to carry a tune
  • How she wants her favorite song played on repeat for her to sing with it again


The Adorable Things She Physically Does…


  • How she loves to play tag in her birthday suit when it’s time to take a bath
  • How she loves jumping on the bed
  • How she tends to body slam herself on the trampoline
  • How she finds picking her own nose very funny
  • How she unknowingly can smother your face with the entire weight of her body
  • How she wrestles with you to get your phone off your ears when she knows I’m talking to her Papa
  • How she loves blowing other people’s birthday cake
  • How she syllabicate a word with emphasis if you didn’t get to understand her the first time
  • How she opens the refrigerator to make sure her favorite yogurt is still inside


The Adorable Things She Does When We Are Out of the House…


  • How her eyes literally light up when she sees a playground, arcade or merry-go-round
  • How curious she seems while looking at the actual “wheels on the bus going round and round”
  • How she exclaims every familiar thing she sees (like “balloon!” “bus!”)
  • How a “pasyal” seems incomplete if she’s not accompanied by her Papa
  • How she looks out the car window and mumbles, “Bus, are you okay?”
  • How she innocently asks, “Papa, ano gawa mo?” even if you’re just sitting silently on a car


The Adorable Things She Simply Does…


  • How she becomes “kilig” when seeing her papa’s picture on your mobile phone
  • How she clings to your leg while you’re doing something
  • How she taps your elbow while she nurses
  • How she runs into your arms when you want a bear hug
  • How she kisses her favorite part of your body (yep, it’s my elbow)
  • How she cuddles with you when she sees hugging scenes from a cartoon show
  • How she becomes upset with you for about one minute and then forget about it the next second
  • When she says “I love you” when you least expect it


Cherish Every Adorable Moment


Every day can be a surprising moment as our toddler gradually becomes a little girl. We, as parents, just let her sing her heart out, jump to her heart’s content (with supervision, of course), and just be plain silly. We don’t inhibit whatever things she does that make her very happy.


There are still a lot of adorable things to mention. Maybe I could write down another set list to post next time. For now, we just enjoy these moments of cuteness overload! ?

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