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Fun City At Ali Mall Araneta Center Cubao

Last week, we were exploring our options on where to take our daughter since she has been longing for a “pasyal”. My hubby stumbled on a picture of an indoor playground located in Araneta Center. We thought it was located in Gateway, so we decided to give it a go.


However, when we asked some personnel where the play area was, they pointed us at Timezone. We asked another one, and he referred us to go Fun City in Ali Mall.


What’s Inside Fun City ?


Fun City is indeed a “city” because it was a really huge indoor playground I’ve been into so far.


It was so spacious that I think it could fit a hundred kids and adults combined (or even more) at the same time.


Fun City has three major sections-the community play, interactive play, and active play areas.


For community play, one can find the following:


  • Learning Center

This mimics a school where you could find toys and materials typically found inside a classroom.





  • Hospital

This area looks more like a clinic because it has a doctor’s desk, first aid cabinet, weighing scale and bed.





  • Playroom

The playroom is meant for a typical kid who prefers quiet play. It has dollhouse, kitchen, puzzles etc.





  • Firestation

This is the least occupied part of the playground. Well, one could find fireman’s costumes, extinguishers and other related toys in here.





Meanwhile, for interactive play:


  • Video games section

If I remember it right, there were 6 terminals for playing games in tablet computer and another 6 stations for handheld control video games.





  • Large play table

This is where kids can lay down toys like trains, small blocks etc. for a wider space to play on.




  • Mini rides

These are miniature plastic rocking horses and manually driven cars.






  • Mini backhoe

What! A backhoe?!



It was pretty interesting to see one in an indoor playground. In here, kids get the chance to take control of a backhoe, scoop up some sand and release it back. Too bad Olive is still too young to control this. Maybe next time.


  • Mini air hockey

Kids get to show their mean blocking skills in this game.



  • Dance video game

Tweens (and even adults) mostly get into the groove in this area. Its space is wide enough to accommodate a few dancers.


  • Videoke room

I think this is meant more for bored parents or guardians who let their big kids do all the playing while they do all the singing. ?


  • Interactive water play

Actually, we did not get to try this one. The way I saw it, it exhibited the physics on how water pressure could make mechanical things move.





  • Giant blocks

Kids could literally build a block city in this space.



  • Sand box

Prepare to get messy in this play area. There are toy trucks, buckets, and shovels. It’s basically just like playing in a beach. You should be prepared to take off your socks in here.




Last but not least, the active play is composed of :


  • Ball pit

Adults wade while kids swim around in this area. Just be vigilant on those flying balls thrown out of nowhere.



  • Slide, slide and more slide!

There’s somehow no reason to worry about taking turns on a single or two slides because Fun City seems to have more than you could ask for.





There’s a single set and an inflatable one located on the ball pit. Another set in the Fun Station and another one in the Gym or Fitness Station.



Each set comes with obstacle courses that’s very ideal for a very active kid, and also great for developing their motor skills.


  • Inflatable trampoline

It looks like a mini city with road and traffic signs inside where you could happily bounce around.



  • Mini basketball court

Who would have thought that you could find this in a kid’s playground. It’s not limited to the ones usually found in an arcade. You could actually run around a little and be able to show your amazing skills with the hoops. Father and son usually bond in here.




Other miscellaneous things inside Fun City that you’d be thankful for:


  • Bean bag chairs

Yes, they are strategically located all around the room! Parents could literally chill or take a power nap on here.


  • Rest room

You will not have a problem dashing outside the playground and look for the faraway restroom to go. They also have provision for rubber slippers so that you won’t have to step on the tiles with your socks on.


  • Package counter

This is not only meant for your shoes, it’s also for your bags as well. At least it would give you freedom to move around with your kid. Just bring the essential belongings with you like wallet and phone.


Olive’s Playtime Experience at Fun City


Olivia becomes excited at the mere word “pasyal”. When she sees us at home on weekends, she knows she would be going out of the house.


She’s happy whenever she sees the colorful lights from the arcade, but she’s overjoyed whenever she sees an indoor playground.


So imagine her glee and excitement at the mere sight of Fun City. While we were lining up for the payment, she can’t wait to remove her shoes. If only she could climb over the gated fence, she would do it in a heartbeat!


Father and daughter entered first because I was still putting on my socks. According to my husband, she immediately sprinted for the slide located at the ball pit. By the time I went in, she was having the time of her life at the inflatable slide already.




She moved from one slide to another. We just let her climb up and down as she pleased, keeping a close eye on everywhere she went.



Her second favorite spot was the inflatable trampoline. I let her jump to her heart’s content.


Olivia briefly tried building the giant blocks and played basketball. But she just kept going back to the slide.


What Can We Say About Fun City


Here are some thoughts about Fun City:


  • Price

One hour of fun play is at 250 pesos inclusive of one guardian. The additional guardian or parent costs 100 pesos.



Meanwhile, 3-hour play is at 350 pesos. If we came a bit early, we would have opted for the 3-hour play. Given the size and activities of Fun City, it’s really worth the fee. I think Olive would love to play longer there someday.


  • Payment counter

Since it was a family day (and pay day weekend), there was a long queue. There were 3 counters, but two were only operational.


They will just hand over the registration form if you were like 1 or 2 persons behind the line. Then, they will manually write on the official receipt and also validate the people coming out at the same time. I found it a bit time-consuming. I was waiting in line for more than 20 minutes. (It was an eon for someone as excited as Olivia).


I hope they could have the registration forms separately ready like that in Kidzoona and automatically provide the receipt via their POS system.


  • Staff

I got to hand it to them for being patient in spite of the pressure of the long line.


However, I noticed that there were no staff inside the playground who oversees the activities or warns kids who might be getting too rough. There was also no person in charge to clean up the mess or re-organize the toys strewn all over the floor.


(Maybe the parent or guardian should be responsible for their kid/s at all times, which should really be the case.)


  • Facility

I really appreciate that there were a lot of slides in Fun City. At least, kids won’t crowd around on taking turns to take the slide. Likewise, the bean bag chairs were a gem for parents to catch their breath for a while.





The place is so huge that there would be fewer chances for kids to bump into each other when running around. There’s really plenty of space for everyone.


My only peeve was the inflatable trampoline. It seems old and looks dirty already. There were already patches on it, so I think there were some holes already.


  • Cleanliness

Fun City looks generally clean. But the ball pit’s floor seems to be collecting a little dust and grains already. I just hope they do clean it more often.


What Fun!


Fun City lived up to its name as a really fun place. The rate is a bang for your buck especially if you’d opt for the 3-hour play. Fun City is the place we’d definitely visit again and again. Of course, I can’t wait for Olive, uh, rather either I or my hubby, to get our hands on that backhoe soon!




Fun City is located at the lower level of Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City.

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