• Eats

    Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and Cafe in Trinoma

    You’d think that Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is just another confectionery shop with yummy looking pastries on display. But when you browse through their giant menu outside, they offer a variety of food other than baked products.       What’s Inside Vanilla Cupcake Bakery   Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and Cafe spells shabby-chicness all over. It actually reminds me of Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay.   It has a wide assortment of cupcakes that were just too good look to eat. Maybe next time, we’d try a few of those. The price point ranges from 98 to 158 pesos per piece, depending on the flavor. I guess the price would speak for…

  • Places & Experiences

    Olivia’s First Trip to the Manila Ocean Park

    I’ve been to Manila Ocean Park when it was newly opened to the public. The main attraction back then was just the Oceanarium. If I remember it right, the entrance fee was like 500 pesos per head.   We went there again. But we only visited the Jellyfish exhibit, Seri 3D Fantasy Art and Mirror Maze since those were the added attractions back then.   This marked my 3rd visit to Manila Ocean Park more than five years later. This was our daughter’s first.     How Much Does It Cost to Visit Manila Ocean Park   Manila Ocean Park offers various packages with corresponding prices: Marine Voyage (15 activities)…

  • Mommy Life

    My Nine Hundred and Fifty Days of Breastfeeding – And Counting

    It’s World Breastfeeding Week. So, it’s pretty timely to tell about my past and present experiences in my breastfeeding journey.   I was able to post before that I still breastfeed my toddler.  This time, I’d be sharing more moments I have gone through in this terrific motherhood stage.   Day 0 — My Decision to Breastfeed   When I was pregnant, I really wanted to breastfeed because my sister was able to do it with my nephew. Its nutritional benefit was also a factor of my decision.   I prepared by drinking more liquid and sipping more soup. I also watched videos related to breastfeeding such as how to…

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