I am Giving the 52-Week Money Challenge A Try

The money challenge has been around in years, but it became more popular by Ms. Rhea Mocorro’s blog KuripotPinay. Since then, most people are giving the money challenge a try, which is great because it has somehow “spiced up” the way people save money.


There are a lot of tin can piggy banks in various designs and shapes when you happen to pass by Divisoria. They are all labeled with either “ipon challenge” or “peso money challenge”. The bigger the size, the bigger its target amount to be achieved by the challenger.


Whenever I see these cans, I toyed with the idea of giving this money challenge a try. The question is, would I be able to pull it off ?


Start With a Goal in Mind


Before I’ve gotten started with this famous challenge, I asked myself what is my purpose of doing this ?


I was able to shortlist to these questions:

  • Do I want to buy something later on ?
  • Would I be using this as a fund for an out-of-town trip with the family ?


Then, I asked myself further. Do I need something to buy a year from now ? As I thought about it, nothing really pops out of my mind. So I leaned towards the latter, which is to use it as a fund for an out-of-town trip (since we only do it once a year).


Set The Target Budget


The second step I did in this money challenge is to assess the denomination increment to be able to achieve the target budget.


I referred to KuripotPinay’s blog for the different money challenge templates I could follow. She was able to devise various templates in increments of 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s.


Before I chose which one, I assessed my weekly budget and expenses first. After evaluating, I decided that the 20s increment is doable for me. Likewise, the target amount is sufficient for a day tour out of town, or an overnight stay in places like Tagaytay or Antipolo.


 Derived from KuripotPinay’s blog



Get Started on the Money Challenge!


I started last July 2 and noted it as my official first week of the challenge. The 20s template is downloadable from KuripotPinay’s blog and I saved it in my Google Sheets file. This way, I could track how much per week I need to save. Then, I’d strike out once the week is done.


Instead of keeping it in a piggy bank, I opened a new bank account to keep it separate from my other savings account. This account will solely be intended for the money challenge.


I am now on my fourth week and so far so good!


The thought of how a small amount could grow into something big a year from now is actually pretty exciting.


Likewise, it’s a bit comforting to know that I don’t need to pay on credit or borrow from my personal savings to expend our annual family vacation.


Dare To Do It!


Some find it hard to pursue the challenge. Specifically are regular employees like me with a fixed income and household expenses to manage. This is because as the week goes on, the amount gets higher.


I found a blog post from Be Rich, Be Wealthy, Be Free which might be of help to solve this dilemma. The way I see it, it’s also very feasible to follow.


One could also make a start on the one-peso increment. It’s not much but it will help instill the habit of saving. Then, try to take on the challenge at a higher increment amount.



All habits require a positive mindset, a bit of sacrifice and a lot of discipline. The money challenge is actually a good practice to start if you want to improve your way of saving.





Would you like to save up for a new gadget or simply to make your money grow ?


I’d recommend the money challenge to you.


Don’t wait until the new year to start! Best to do it now!

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