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Kira’s Box at Trinoma Mall

It’s been a while since we went to Trinoma. After Olive’s visit from the doctor, we hitched a ride with my sister since they were going there.


After eating our lunch, we let Olive ride on the carousel, Ferris wheel and some kiddie rides in Timezone. We decided to roam around the mall after, but we came across this little indoor playground named Kira’s Box.


What’s Inside Kira’s Box ?


Kira’s Box is a charming little playground that’s more focused on pretend play. It’s not as big as Kidzoona but it’s more than enough for little kids to have fun with.



Once you get inside, it seems like you are looking at the most ideal “tree house”. It’s as if it had emanated from one of Playhouse Master’s (a program from TLC channel) work.


Kira’s Box has two levels of pretend play divided into several “boxes” — the ground level and the upper level.


At the lower Level, you’d find the following:

  • Slide with ball pit



It has a pink slide leading down the pool of balls with matching fish-printed pillows and swim ring pillows. It’s as if you had slid down a swimming pool with fishes.


  • Mini house



It has a modular kitchen with stove, oven and sink complemented with pots, pans, utensils and plastic food. In addition, it also has a tiny table with two chairs.



  • Pet shop

This has two cages with stuffed birds (I think they look like parrots) inside. I think I also saw other stuffed animals somewhere.



  • Salon

This is a beauty parlor of sort with costumes hanging on a clothing rack. It also has a dresser with mirror. There were pretend beauty products lined up on it. There were also accessories like bracelets too.


  • Family Inn


I didn’t get much to see this inside. From a distance, I saw a table and chair with clocks depicting the world time in the background.


  • Grocery



This place has an assorted colorful plastic vegetables, condiments, chicken and eggs displayed on shelves. Moreover, there were yummy looking donuts, cookies and ice cream. It also has two mini cash registers and call bells on each table.



  • Fire Station

I was not able to see this also in detail. I only get to see some costumes.


  • Police Station

This is a cute one because it has a prison cell inside complete with a bed and table with chair. Oddly, it also has an ironing board! I’m not sure if it’s really meant to be there or some kid just took the effort to place it there. It looked like a comfortable bedroom than a prison cell to me! ? It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take a photo of this.


Meanwhile, at the upper level:

  • Bedroom with TV


I think this is meant to be a hotel room. It has a mini bed with side table and LCD TV. Disney’s Snow White was playing during that time.


  • Hanging bridge


This is decorated with miniature sunflowers. If you’re a tall person, who have to bend or crawl because they have hanged a “roofing” net above.


  • Garden


Oh this is my favorite section! Not much to play with in this area, but if you are an adult who dreams to have a garden of your own, this is quite a pretty inspiration! ?



  • Area with doll houses

There were two or three doll houses with dolls in it. Most little girls just get a doll from here and take it with them somewhere.


  • Hospital


This has a hospital bed, a shelf (I presume there should be medicines there), a crib and a table and chair.


  • Computer area

I think this meant to be a video game spot. But, only one unit is working.


  • Bath tub!


This one is amusing! A bathtub filled with bubbles, I mean, white balls! It’s tempting to lie down and relax!


Our Playtime Experience in Kira’s Box


I can vouch that this is somewhat our less physically demanding playtime experience. Maybe because the slide is the only equipment for active play. Likewise, Olive has gained more confidence in her physical activity lately. She could climb up and slide down on her own.



Speaking of which, the slide is her most favorite spot. Sometimes though, she could give us panic attacks because she would recklessly imitate other kids’ manner of sliding down. ? We just relentlessly advise her to be careful and always wait for her turn. Also, we still practice our own playground guides.


We encouraged her to try the other “play boxes”. She spent less than five minutes in the mini house. She just kept coming back to the slide.


What We Thought About Kira’s Box


If your kid likes pretend play, this is a perfect playground for you.


The rate of Kira’s Box is 230 pesos for an hour of play on weekends. If you want to accompany your kid inside, the fee is only 20 pesos.


The front desk will require you to register your fingerprint for security purposes. I think it would ensure that the right guardian will be the one to pick up the kid after playtime.


However, they don’t have a shoe deposit box or shelf. They will put all of your shoes in a transparent plastic bag and properly label it under your kid’s name. You could also request to leave your other unimportant stuffs with them.


Kira’s Box has a more relaxed atmosphere because there were less kids running around. During that Sunday, the place was also not that crowded.


The playground is also well-padded on the right places to ensure that kids won’t hurt themselves.


There was a personnel assigned for picking up the toys and putting them in proper order. There was also someone who oversees the kids’ safety on the slide/ball pit section.


Its location is also convenient because it’s a few feet away from the restrooms.


We would definitely visit this place again.


Kira’s Box is located at the 4th level of Trinoma near the cinema section and garden wing area.


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