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I’m Officially Overweight, Now What ?

Okay, I did not expect this to happen. In my 30++ years of existence, I’ve never thought I would reach this unusual milestone in my life. I am now technically overweight!


Well, I’m one point three kilos heavier than the normal weight. You may think that I am over reacting, but when you reach past 30 years old, every abnormality you experience in your body should be a cause for concern.


Numbers Don’t Lie


My weight registered 59 kilos during our last annual physical exam in April this year. My body mass index (BMI) was still in the “healthy” and “normal” zone. Yes, I’ve gained again, but I was relieved that my BMI still fell within the standard range.


Two months later, I am now 60.3 kilos. Whoa! My mind zoomed back to the past two months. What did I do? What did I eat ? I’ve started my jumping jacks in the morning, but how come I became overweight ?


Below are my numbers during the weigh in. The normal range is enclosed in the parenthesis, as given by the nutritionist we consulted. It is in accordance to a person who is 5 foot 3 inches in height.


Weight — 60.3 kilos (48 – 59 kilos)

Clearly overweight


BMI Index — 23.6 (18.5 – 22.9)

I’m no longer healthy. ?


Body Fat — 33.3 (21 – 33)

Still, a bit normal


Visceral Fat — 5 (1 – 9)

Whew! At least my internal organs are still okay


Skeletal Muscle — 25.9 (25.9 – 27.9)

Need to pump up my muscles


Body Age — 42

Wait, what !? My body feels like it’s 42 years old ? ?


Resting Metabolism — 1270 kcals (1300 kcals)

Still need to burn more calories


No Reason to Push The Panic Button, But…


I need to reassess my diet and lifestyle. Being a kilo and a third overweight should not force me to crash diet or something. It should be become more of a wake up call that I really need to pursue the healthier path of living.


I have been breastfeeding for more than 2 years, so I was pretty confident that I would go back to my prenatal weight. Yes it did for a while. My daughter is now breastfeeding less often, yet, I’m still eating the same amount of food, like I’m still eating for two. And I’ve added a lot of cheat days. Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve been gaining weight.


Lately, I have yielded to temptations like junk food, fast food, processed food and seasonings with less water intake. In this regard, my body may have probably increased its water weight (made me look bloated), hence, it contributed to the weight gain. Likewise, I’ve been having migraines, which is a bit scary for me.


What To Do Now ?


My mid-year goals include exercising and consuming healthier food. I think this needs a tougher discipline and a more positive mindset.


  • Exercise 15 to 30 minutes a day — I should find time to make this happen. Sometimes I could be a lazy bag in doing this. My options are:
    • Brisk walk (under the early morning sun is ideal)
    • Light jog (paging my former one-time jogging partner hubby?)
    • Dance (bring on the music)
    • Jumping jack (or better yet, use the jump rope)


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  • Drink more fluids — Eight to ten glasses a day, or in my case, even more
    • Water, water, water (wash out the bad elements in your body)
    • Less sugary drinks (anything prepared commercially)
    • Less dairy (yes, that includes you, o heavenly chocolate drink)
    • More natural fruit juices (healthier alternative)

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  • Eat healthy — Filipinos are in constant dilemma in choosing between affordable but unhealthy food and expensive but healthy food. It’s quite sad that most grocery carts are always filled up with instant noodles, junk food and canned food. I remember Jamie Oliver saying that if food labels have ingredients that you don’t understand, they are immediately considered as junk.
    • Cut the processed food and junk food (goodbye tocino)
    • Avoid fast food (ending the love for fries)
    • More fiber food (fruits, vegetables, oats)
    • Less unhealthy carbs (white rice, white bread)


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  • Think positive — I’m guilty of entertaining too much negative thoughts. Being worrisome is also bad. Maybe it’s time to reverse this.
    • More quiet time (this includes prayers)
    • Relaxation mode on (reading or just doing nothing)
    • Less social media exposure (focus on your own self-being and not on others)
    • Enjoy time with family (be silly and laugh with them more often)


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Being Overweight Now Means…


It’s not feeling sorry for yourself that you have failed on something. It’s more of a wake up call  to really do something. Being overweight should not mean being and looking fat. It should be looked at the bigger picture — your overall health. It’s trying to tell us something that we should urgently do something about. Tackling the overweight issue is not about trying to bring sexy back, but it’s trying to bring your health back.


I want to be healthy for my loved ones. I still want to feel exuberant even if I’m 60.


And it starts now…

I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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