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    I am Giving the 52-Week Money Challenge A Try

    The money challenge has been around in years, but it became more popular by Ms. Rhea Mocorro’s blog KuripotPinay. Since then, most people are giving the money challenge a try, which is great because it has somehow “spiced up” the way people save money.   There are a lot of tin can piggy banks in various designs and shapes when you happen to pass by Divisoria. They are all labeled with either “ipon challenge” or “peso money challenge”. The bigger the size, the bigger its target amount to be achieved by the challenger.   Whenever I see these cans, I toyed with the idea of giving this money challenge a…

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    Kira’s Box at Trinoma Mall

    It’s been a while since we went to Trinoma. After Olive’s visit from the doctor, we hitched a ride with my sister since they were going there.   After eating our lunch, we let Olive ride on the carousel, Ferris wheel and some kiddie rides in Timezone. We decided to roam around the mall after, but we came across this little indoor playground named Kira’s Box.   What’s Inside Kira’s Box ?   Kira’s Box is a charming little playground that’s more focused on pretend play. It’s not as big as Kidzoona but it’s more than enough for little kids to have fun with.     Once you get inside,…

  • Mommy Life

    How We Potty Trained Our Daughter

    I am so happy that Olivia is finally using her own potty! Her transition was pretty smooth and easy, many thanks to her very patient yaya. It’s indeed a great milestone!   I bought her potty last year, because I was expecting she could start early. Likewise, I was influenced by other mothers whose child is already potty trained as young as one year old (some even before they reach their first birthday).   However, it turned out the opposite in our case. The potty collected dust and was neglected for a year. Olive was just merely opening and closing its lid out of curiosity. In that regard, we just…

  • Photo by patricia serna on Unsplash

    I’m Officially Overweight, Now What ?

    Okay, I did not expect this to happen. In my 30++ years of existence, I’ve never thought I would reach this unusual milestone in my life. I am now technically overweight!   Well, I’m one point three kilos heavier than the normal weight. You may think that I am over reacting, but when you reach past 30 years old, every abnormality you experience in your body should be a cause for concern.   Numbers Don’t Lie   My weight registered 59 kilos during our last annual physical exam in April this year. My body mass index (BMI) was still in the “healthy” and “normal” zone. Yes, I’ve gained again, but…

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