Hawker Food Experience at Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant

Hubby and I wanted to try something different to chow on since we frequently eat at either Chinese or Japanese restaurants. So one fine day, we found ourselves requesting our cab driver to drop us off at Nicanor Roxas Street corner Banawe in a quaint little restaurant called Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant.


Charming Ambiance


We did not see Shiok Shiok before, probably because when its parking space is full, the entrance is not easily noticeable.


I was not able to take a photo of it from the outside, but it exudes a classic old fashioned Singaporean feel.


Once you enter the air-conditioned place, you’d be surprised how cozy it feels. I really like the old Chinatown feel of it, from the furniture to the imported tin cans lined up on the shelf.




You’d think that the place is small (especially when the place is a bit crowded), but once you go farther inside, there are actually a lot of seats available.



Good Food


We ate at Shiok Shiok during lunch and incidentally came back there for dinner along with my daughter, sisters, brother-in-law and nephews.


These are some food we tried in Shiok Shiok to satisfy our craving for Singaporean Food.


For Lunch


Cereal Fried Rice

Well, what’s distinct about this one is that they have topped it with cereals. Not the actual crunchy corn flakes cereal you might think of, but more of the oatmeal variant. Aside from the cereal, it has bits and pieces of carrot, scrambled egg and crab meat stick.


It tastes okay but I think it needs a bit more seasoning for my taste.


Salted Egg Prawns

Ah, this one is yummy. It is fried prawns smoldered with thick salted egg sauce. Good thing this one complemented with the fried rice.

Katong Laksa


Laksa has not yet gotten into me. Maybe because I am more biased with ramen and chinese lamien. Or, more probably, I’m really not into spicy soups. However, this one is actually good. I just wish this has more shrimps though.

Sugar Cane Juice


I remember during my youth that we used to buy sugar cane juice in Ongpin Street. So, this drink brought up nostalgia for me. It’s quite refreshing and not too sweet. It helped tone down the spiciness from the laksa.




For Dinner

Porkchop Rice


My hubby was the one who ate this. He really liked this rice meal dish. The dipping and side dish complemented with the breaded pork, he said.


Chicken Rice

I ordered this one because chicken with ginger sauce is one of my comfort food. I thought that the 3-piece chicken will not be enough, but, boy, my tummy was full afterwards. I liked it, but I still prefer the one served in Binondo.


4 Out of 5

We’ll go back at Shiok Shiok next time to try their other yummy variants like the Mantou, Cereal Chicken and other salted egg dishes. I could maybe get a Mango Sago for dessert. My sister said that the Guyabano juice is delicious. Maybe I’d try that one too.


Their price points are very reasonable as shown on their menu.

There are some meals that are kid friendly like the ones my nephews ate such as the Mantou and Kaya Toast. Maybe Olive can eat the pineapple fried rice next time.


Try to grab your lunch or dinner here early, because the place could get really packed.


Shiok Shiok is located at 81 Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City.

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