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Rainy Day Feels

The scorching days are over. It’s officially the rainy season! Mother Nature is not kidding when she decides to end the hot days and suddenly give us very gloomy days.


Some coin this as the “bed weather” days, because it’s so nice to curl up in bed and snooze all day. It’s also great to drink your favorite hot beverage and just look out the window while the rain pours down.


During my younger years, rainy days unleashed my melodramatic side and wrote poems or pen an entry on my journal. When I was still single, I binged watch movies when VCD’s and DVD’s were still a thing then. Sometimes, I read novels or most often, rainy days were perfect opportunities to catch up some shut eyes.


Mommy Rainy Day Feels


Now that I am a mom, rainy days nowadays are no longer meant for being nostalgic or excusing myself to become sluggish anymore. It’s still one of those typical mommy days.


Waking Up Early To Go To The Market Eventhough Dark Clouds Loom Overhead


I go to the market every Saturday. It has been pouring cats and dogs since last week, so I really don’t have a choice but to put on my rain boots, bring an umbrella, and brave the wind and rain. Traversing the market such as the one in Divisoria means tackling mud and puddles. Life could be simpler if these stuff were bought in a supermarket, but it’s not practical budget-wise.


The Dilemma of Doing The Laundry or Not


Well, rain or shine, we still have to do the laundry, otherwise, we’ll end up either a mountain of unwashed clothes or simply we won’t have anything to wear for the following week. But, sometimes, the question is where to decently hang the clothes. Regardless, we just have to make sure that all the clothes are rinsed and wrung well to avoid “amoy kulob” lingering on the fabrics.


Your Toddler Still Wants to Play Ball


We explain to Olive that during rainy days, we are limited to do things like playing outside or doing “pasyal”. We even make her sing “Rain, Rain Go Away” to make her understand how we wish for the rain to end so that we could “play”.


Yet, nothing can stop her from playing, well indoors that is. She would still grab her favorite ball, drag you out of your “bed weather” reverie, and she’d scream “basketball tayo”.


You Still Have Other Chores


Yes, the reality of a homemaker. Rainy day does not excuse you from it.


But Sometimes, Rainy Days Do Have Perks


It’s all about staying indoors, eating comforting meals and enjoying your family’s company.


You Don’t Have to Worry About the Menu


Rainy days equate comfort foods! So bring on the “sinigang”, “tinolang manok”, “chicken sopas”, and “nilagang baboy”. You could also dream about beef lamien, laksa, or the yummy ramen (with that perfect soft-boiled egg).


You’d Be In the Mood to Continue Your Reading


It’s a point of the day to sit back, raise your legs and continue reading the novel that seems to be taking ages to finish. And when I say that point of the day, it means when your toddler has finally lay down for her nap.

A Great Time to Snuggle Up With Your Loved Ones


The rainy weather sets up the mood for some cuddling! Play hide-and-seek under the covers with your toddler or just simply hug them more.


Likewise, if opportunity permits, it’s also great to cuddle up with your spouse and rediscover each other’s ticklish parts literally.


Or, better yet, do a group hug altogether and feel each other’s love in spite of the rainy day!

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