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    Hawker Food Experience at Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant

    Hubby and I wanted to try something different to chow on since we frequently eat at either Chinese or Japanese restaurants. So one fine day, we found ourselves requesting our cab driver to drop us off at Nicanor Roxas Street corner Banawe in a quaint little restaurant called Shiok Shiok Singaporean Restaurant.   Charming Ambiance   We did not see Shiok Shiok before, probably because when its parking space is full, the entrance is not easily noticeable.   I was not able to take a photo of it from the outside, but it exudes a classic old fashioned Singaporean feel.   Once you enter the air-conditioned place, you’d be surprised…

  • Photo by Arleen wiese on Unsplash

    Something I’ve Pondered Post Father’s Day

    I have vague memories of what was it like to celebrate Father’s Day. My parents separated many years ago, and we have not seen him ever since.   Surprisingly, I don’t hold any grudges at him. We siblings did not make it a big issue or felt very affected by what had happened. It was unusually neutral. He did not make any effort to see us or make his presence felt, probably because he knows my mother would wage a war out of it. We moved on with our life, also with no effort on wondering where in the world he might be.   Growing Up Without a Father Figure…

  • Photo by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash
    Mommy Life

    Rainy Day Feels

    The scorching days are over. It’s officially the rainy season! Mother Nature is not kidding when she decides to end the hot days and suddenly give us very gloomy days.   Some coin this as the “bed weather” days, because it’s so nice to curl up in bed and snooze all day. It’s also great to drink your favorite hot beverage and just look out the window while the rain pours down.   During my younger years, rainy days unleashed my melodramatic side and wrote poems or pen an entry on my journal. When I was still single, I binged watch movies when VCD’s and DVD’s were still a thing…

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    Why Our Toddler Does Not Go To School Yet

    It’s back to school again for most students. Time for another year of fruitful learning and making memories. I remember to have skipped nursery school and started kindergarten when I was aged 6. My other classmates were one year younger than me, but I really did not feel alienated. I guess I developed academically (and emotionally) the same as my peers. The Generation of Toddler School Of course, I no longer recall what I did when I was still a toddler. I have no memories of being taught at that early stage of life on how to read, count or sing. Everything was learned by the time I started kindergarten.…

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