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Setting My (Mid-Year) Goals

Goals may also mean aims, targets, objectives or plans. We set goals at work and also in our personal life. Normally, goals are being set at the beginning of the year or before a project could start. But, for me, goals can be made anytime of the day as long as you’d put your mind into it and resolve to do it until the end.


Sometimes, we can be guilty of setting plans and goals but usually don’t get to the finish them. We get inspired and excited at first, but sometimes, when old (and bad) habits kick in, we don’t really get to achieve the goals we had set. In other cases, when we get to start a goal, then something bad or negative happened along the way, we tend to give it all up.


I am sometimes guilty of this. I set goals for myself, but when I feel like nothing is progressing, I tend to quit along the way. This undesirable attitude should be replaced by a better outlook hence.


Goals That I Had Started Already




Well, I am glad to have reignited my blogging. Yes, I am not that kind of blogger yet who has followers (well, I got one fan-my husband ?) nor who writes content articles for a product, but I know someday, people might accidentally stumble on this post and read my other posts and hope they’d follow ?.


I am thankful that even if the anesthesia somehow affected my brain cells after giving birth, I could still rack it out for inspirations to put into writing. Consider it also as mental stimulation (also meant for future aging health benefit).


Since I’ve started already, my next goal is to keep updating this blog and basically never stop writing.


Reading Other Publications Other Than Novels


General fiction and chick lit will always be my favorites, but I told myself I have to broaden my horizons and try to read, yes, those boring type of books.


This year, I’ve got to finish one and it really was interesting. Oddly, you feel smarter and get to learn something more informative.


Expenses Tracking


This might seem tedious at first but once you have gotten into the habit of listing down your spending, it becomes an efficient way to manage your monthly finances. It actually has given me a clearer view on where my finances go, like how much I actually spend on food, groceries, transportation and which aspect I should need to improve (like putting more into investment).


It actually gives you a reality check on how to be wiser in budgeting and spending.


My Other List of Goals


Since it’s almost the middle of the year (whoa, time flies!), it’s quite fitting to set some mid-year goals. Here are some I intend to put in the bucket:


Consume More Healthy Food


I have been eating for two ever since I was pregnant and had given birth. My appetite and cravings doubled. Good thing I’m breastfeeding, so most of the calories consumed goes into my milk production. It somehow helped me fit into some of my prenatal clothes again.


When Olive started on solid foods and breastfeeding less, I’ve become used to eating the same amount of food like I’m still pregnant. I’ve been eating carbs on carbs on carbs. And I tend to sit or lie down for a nap right after eating. Ergo, I gained weight and, yes, my love handles are playing peek-a-boo with my shirt. ?


So, it’s time to change this. I may still be breastfeeding but I think I have to consume less white rice and eat more protein food. Eat more fruits and veggies and gulp more water. Likewise, I will try my best to veer away from the ever so tempting junk and processed food.


Start Exercising


Ah, this is something I’ve never initiated in my life.


Yet, it’s worth a try. I know it’s a fact that exercising has tons of benefit to the body. It would just probably take a lot of willpower and discipline on my part because I tend to get real lazy.


I’d probably try some stretching and jumping jacks first. Then, some brisk walking or maybe chase Olivia around more…


Minimize Impulse Buying


I am so guilty of this one. When Olive was still a baby, I did not go out much, so I was browsing regularly on the internet for baby stuffs that she might need. However, I usually ended up buying what she did not need.


Likewise, being online and regularly browsing social media pages is a luring trap towards online shops where they sell really cute items for kids…


So, this time, I’d try my best to buy online only on necessary stuffs that are also on sale, like diapers and baby wipes.


In case I’d be in a mall, I’d debate with myself first whether an item is a need or want.


More Alone Time with My Husband


I will no longer elaborate on our current setup, but, let’s suffice it to say that we only get to see each other for a few hours on weekends. Since we also wanted to spend time with our daughter on weekends, we are somewhat losing the time we used to have when we were living together.


Maybe this is something that both of us should set as a goal together. Yes, spending time as a family is important, but spending time with one’s spouse is the most important. As I’ve read somewhere in a book, there should always be one day reserved for the husband and wife to bond. ?


Why Set Goals ?


We may be living a mundane life, but, setting goals for ourselves make us strive for something better. It changes our attitude and habits and how we prioritize our life.

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I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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