Cropital – Helping Our Local Farmers While Growing Your Investment

As a mother working full time, I’ve been looking for other ways to earn something extra. I’ve started online selling before, but it didn’t go on full blast because my sisters and I sort of hibernated when we started having kids. That is something I’ve meant to get my hands on (again) in the near future. For now, I need to plan (and study) about it further.


I’ve looked online and read blogs on other means to earn something extra. I stumbled upon the blog post of SavingsPinay.ph wherein she provided a very informative and comprehensive guide on three crowdsourcing platforms in the Philippines — Cropital, FarmOn, PhilCrowd. You may read the full details here.


Crowd-Funding on Farms


My office mate was the one who told me about FarmOn since she has started investing in it last year. She was inspired on the thought of investing on something socially relevant — providing capital for our local farmers.


I found it very interesting. When I searched about it the internet, I was overwhelmed that it has been going on for more than two years already. It has also been featured in various news magazine programs already.


Then, there’s Cropital. FarmOn is more popular than the latter, but I chose Cropital for the meantime because I feel like it’s more inclined to a more conservative investor like me.




Yes, Cropital is legit.


I was not that worried to invest on this. But before I did, I read its website on how it works and read some more blog posts regarding this one. The brains behind this impressive program are actually millennial, all U.P. graduates. Kudos to these young people who are passionate enough to make a change in our agriculture industry!


How to Invest ?


Getting started on investing in Cropital is pretty easy.


First, register on their website and wait for it to be verified after a day. Their website may be in beta stage, but it is very user-friendly. So far, their support team responds well to email inquiries or concerns.


Second, start funding your “wallet” to get started on investing on farms. I invested at their minimum required amount, which is Php 5,000 via Dragonpay. (Based on their latest update, funders will now shoulder a fixed fee of Php 20 on Dragonpay platform per transaction. However, they will be releasing other modes of payment in the future).


Third, choose your farms to invest in once a cycle has been opened. The good thing about Cropital is that they are announcing the exact date and time on new farms for funding. One tip though, be sure to be online on or before the exact time because farms get funded really, really fast (like within 5 minutes) !


Fourth, become updated on your chosen farm’s status. Cropital will send news about how your chosen farm is doing.


Fifth, earn your return on investment! Like most businesses, it takes a few months to realize your capital gains. I invested on a palay farm, so, it took around 6 months before I got my principal investment plus profit. According to Cropital’s website, “the returns is a fixed percentage of the net profit the farm invested.” You may choose to withdraw or re-invest it again on a new farm.


How Did My Investment Perform ?


This is the computation of my earnings with Cropital :

It’s a humble profit, but I know it went a long way on the part of the farmer. It’s also better than interest earned in a bank deposit.


Moreover, it generated 40 jobs for the farm’s community. Nice!


I Will Invest Again


Cropital’s goal is really worth investing in. In our own little way, we are supporting Philippine agriculture and helping provide employment to others. Likewise, it’s a good alternative to earn passive income.


Another good news is that Cropital is expanding to Visayas, so expect more farms to be opened.


Just a Few Reminders


Putting your money on investment like this is actually good. As a caveat, investment has risks. Most personal finance experts advise to do a financial check up first and make sure that you have set aside enough savings and emergency fund for a rainy day.


If you have something extra to put money into a business or investment, by all means, study,research and invest away!

I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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