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Kidzoona at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf

Kidzoona in Ayala Malls Cloverleaf opened late last year. One very hot Sunday afternoon, we decided to escape the scalding weather and made a trip to this indoor playground.


This branch is bigger than the one visited in Lucky Chinatown Mall. Its price is also a bit cheaper — 200 pesos for 1 hour, which already includes one guardian fee. If there would be an additional guardian, you will have to pay 100 pesos. Socks are offered for 30 pesos a pair.


As mentioned on my previous post on toddler playground tips, we checked if the place was too crowded to let Olivia play in. Thankfully, it was just right. Both of us decided to go in to be double guardians to Olivia ?.


Inside the Kidzoona Cloverleaf

  • Shoe lockers
  • Water dispenser
  • Alcohol dispenser
  • Giant building blocks room
  • Inflatable running track
  • Zorb
  • Ball pool
  • Slide (spiral type and small one meant for toddlers)
  • Inflatable slide
  • Puzzle station
  • Role play community
  • Bridgeway with monkey bar
  • Baby area
  • Lounge area for parents/guardians


inflatable slide


Playtime Experience

We can see in Olivia’s eyes how excited she is to see her favorite part of Kidzoona — the slide. She was raring to go in while we’re still wearing our socks. After putting our slippers and shoes in the locker, father and daughter bounced at the inflatable track first. Then, she was magnetized towards the ball pool where the slide area is also situated.



She became hesitant to ride on the spiral slide because there were just a lot of kids simultaneously going down. So, we just settled with the smaller one instead. She already knows how to go up the mini stairs and take her turn on the slide. (At least it was a lesser arm work out for us parents ?) The thrill of descending on the banana-designed structure made her spend majority of her playtime there.




We told her to cool down by playing on the role-play community. But she just made a tour of it and went back to the ball pit and slide ?.


kidzoona role play


We concluded that she prefers active play. So we did not stop her on what she wanted to do. In this regard, she also loved the inflatable track. She ran back and forth with so much energy, that at one point, she tripped head first. Oops. Good thing, it was inflatable, and she did not get any scratch.



Some Remarks

In a perfect world, I know every playground is just the same. It’s the surrounding people that would be the determining factor if you have a good or bad experience of the place.


I know older kids can be left alone to play by themselves. However, parents should be responsible enough to remind their young to practice responsible play and avoid rough-housing. When Olive was playing on the slide, balls suddenly were flying everywhere. It was because there were kids who decided to play dodge ball at that spot. We told the kids to stop it because other kids might get hurt.


Kidzoona accepts kids 12 years old and below to go inside and play. In my opinion, maybe they should try considering lowering down the age limit to 10 year old. We encountered tweens running around and playing tag. They might accidentally knock down younger kids or toddlers if they were to continue to run around recklessly.


Reminder to Parents

Please never take your eyes off your kids, no matter how young or old they are. I know it’s great to relax and chill at the lounge area and check your social media news feed. But Kidzoona’s staff cannot keep an eye on every play station to check on them. 


It’s Still Worth a Visit

Kidzoona in Cloverleaf is very accessible from where we live. We’d definitely be back in the future.





Check out our experience in Lucky Chinatown Mall branch here.

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