• Oliva dancing to opening song of Miles from Tomorrowland
    Mommy Life

    Parenting Lessons from a Cartoon Show

    Olivia has recently started watching cartoon programs from Disney Junior. Sometimes, she is able to sit through the entire 30-minute program. Other times, her attention span is split to watching and playing simultaneously. At her age, she’s able to identify who the characters are. She probably does not completely grasp the essence of what she is watching at yet. If I’m not doing anything relevant (or not yet sleepy when watching at night), I sit down and watch with her. “Miles From Tomorrowland” This program is one of the shows we watch prior to Olive’s personal favorite (“Goldie and Bear”). Miles From Tomorrowland is about a boy named Miles and…

  • Mommy Life

    How to Deal with Toddler Meltdowns

    Olivia has her fair share of meltdowns — some lasts for a minute, while a few lasts for more than 10 minutes. It could be as simple as being forbidden to watch her favorite video while eating or it could be as unreasonable as — nothing. Last Saturday, she had another one of those episodes. The primary reason for her meltdown was because she did not want to eat her lunch yet. She was crying hysterically and throwing her favorite toy. We tried to cajole her, but she just kept on crying. Good thing her Yaya was very patient and kept on reasoning with her. I also tried to keep…

  • Novotel Manila's pool and outdoor garden
    Places & Experiences

    Novotel Manila Araneta Center-Amazingly Family Friendly

    We haven’t made any out-of-town plans yet ever since Olivia was born. Since we are still in the process planning it, we intend to have at least one staycation per year instead. We stayed at Novotel Manila in Araneta Center Cubao for this year. The reason why I chose this hotel was because I wanted to try other hotels in Quezon City. I booked Novotel Manila from Agoda last November. The rate I got already included a breakfast buffet for two. The Lobby and Checking In Our Grab driver mistakenly dropped us off on a different entrance. So, Olive and I had to walk a bit from there to the…

  • Musings

    Random Thoughts on a Past Documentary

    I was browsing on my past drafted articles. I stumbled upon one. It was so weird reading it now. I wonder what thoughts were running through my head back then. I would like to share it again. This was written six years ago… “Bente Dos “ We watched a documentary on GMA News TV entitled “Bente Dos” (22). It was about a family with a brood of 22. Just when you thought 6 or 10 children is already considered a lot, well, think again! I was surprised that the mother can give birth every year, or within even less than a year. She got married at the tender age of…

  • Halo-Halo Histories books

    Bring Back the Fun in Learning Our History with “Halo-Halo Histories”

    Studying histories had all become a blur back in my school-days. It was all about memorizing relevant dates and enumerating countless historical personalities. Reading the textbook was so monotonous, it usually lulled me to sleep. ? It was literally information overload. But something sparked my interest in reading history books again. I saw a newspaper article about a book made for the younger generation. It’s written in a very interesting and millennial manner with hints of humor in each page. “A Lolong Time Ago” This is the first volume of the Halo-Halo Histories. As the title suggests, this book narrates about the prehistoric Philippines — from both mythical and factual creation…

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