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Kids Paradise at Fisher Mall

Kids Paradise is an indoor playground located at the 4th level of Fisher Mall in Quezon City. It’s beside the School of Ballet Manila and facing the mini carousel. We decided to let Olivia play in here one Sunday afternoon. The place was not yet packed since most people were still taking their lunch.

The rate of Kids Paradise is 150 pesos for one hour. It is already inclusive of one guardian. There would be an additional 50 pesos in case the other parent or guardian would like to get in. They sell a pair of socks at 25 pesos in case you forgot to bring a pair.

What’s Inside ?

Kids Paradise’s theme is “under-the-sea” with sea creatures and pirate characters decorating its walls. The rubber mat flooring looks like the sea as well. The playground has the following play areas:

  • Slide
  • Ball pit
  • Obstacle course (leading to the slide)
  • Mini swings
  • Cars
  • Sandbox
  • Mini-pretend community
  • Merry-go-round of balls
  • Mini trampoline
  • Small rocking horses
  • Building blocks table

Olivia’s (and Mommy’s) Playtime Experience

Olive’s first destination is of course, the ball pit. When she was a year old, she was just happy to be sitting in it, holding two balls in her hands. Now, I think she’s getting the idea on how to make her playtime inside a ball pit more exciting. She now knows how to swim in it! ?

Hmm, where is Olive ?

Later on, she wanted to try the slide. We tested first on how she would react on it. The slide’s structure was making it difficult for me to put her on it. So I decided to accompany her up the obstacle course leading down the slide.

There was a long and short route towards the slide. We first took the short route. She was screaming with delight at first. But, after a few turns, she started to become hesitant to slide down on her own. I think the reason was she saw one kid go down and cry afterwards. So, I have no choice but to sit her on my lap and slide down together.

I was actually scared of the hanging bridge…

Then, I took the long route with her. This was a bit exhausting on my part, because I have to climb up with her and make sure she does not take a wrong turn in the obstacle course. Sometimes, in the middle of the obstacle, she would pause and dance because she heard a familiar nursery rhyme song. ?

She also briefly jumped on the trampoline, rode on the rocking horse, car and mini swing. Likewise, she did not go to the mini-community because it’s a bit cramped. I wanted her to play in the sandbox, unfortunately, kids aged 6 and below are not allowed. She spent a greater chunk of her time on the slide (which meant another work out for me ?) and the ball pit.

The place started to get crowded as time went by. Good thing, it was time for us to go.

My Thoughts On Kids Paradise

Value for Money

Kids Paradise is the most affordable indoor playground we have visited so far.


The place is generally safe to play in for big kids. Little ones can play too, but with adult supervision.

They have a shoe rack. You can leave your baggage at the cashier area. I brought out my phone and wallet with me just in case.

The rubber flooring is a bit slippery, so make sure your kid is wearing non-skid socks.

I personally like the obstacle course. It’s great for motor skill development for kids (and stamina for adults).


The staff calls the attention of kids who seems to be misusing the equipment or those who are descending the slide head first. However, they don’t actually remind parents not to use the play area. I only noticed the sign that parents are not allowed on the slide or on the obstacle course during our nth time on the slide. Oops. Actually, it’s my bad for not reading. But, I need to accompany my daughter for safety reasons. (Hope it’s a good excuse).

Yes, It’s Worth Another Visit

Overall, we had fun. We shall go back again in another time.

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