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Mother-Daughter Bonding at Kidzoona Lucky Chinatown Mall

When my daughter’s yaya took her vacation last Christmas break,  I thought about taking Olivia to Kidzoona during her birthday. Since her birthday is on the 26th, I assumed the place won’t be as crowded since Christmas was over. Unfortunately, it was still crazy packed! The venue had even reached its maximum capacity, so I decided we’ll go again next week.

So a few days after the new year, we finally get to go. I was glad there were just a few kids playing, since it was already back to school and work for most people. Time for mother and daughter bonding time!

The one in this mall is located at the 3rd level of its Annex building. It’s easy to spot since it occupies more than 500 sq. meter of the area.

It has a different rate depending on the branch. In Binondo, admission fee is 250 pesos for a 90-minute playtime and 300 pesos if 3 hours. The amount is good for one kid and one adult. Additional guardian fee is 150 pesos. (As of October 2018, rate is now 200 pesos for one hour).

Like all indoor playgrounds, one has to register first and then pay the corresponding fee. Socks are also required. They will assign one locker to keepsake your shoes.

Inside, there have ball pit, inflatable slide and jump pad, spiral slide, miniature pretend village (bake shop, market, flower shop, clinic, burger shop, sushi shop, pizza shop, and ice cream shop), toy corner (puzzles, dollhouses, blocks), and rolling inflatable barrel. Unfortunately, I was not able to take decent pictures of these because I was keeping an eye on my daughter.

Olive immediately went to the ball pit. She “swam” on it for a while. Then, she wanted to try the inflatable slide. The in-house guardian (those who looks after kids without parents), said it’s not safe for a toddler to go alone so it meant I need to slide down with her. For the sake of my daughter’s idea of fun, I climbed up with her and then down the slide we go! It was super fast and a bit scary for me, so I did not repeat it anymore. 😀

Then we tried the spiral slide. I lifted and put her on the middle part first, and oh she loved it! She went again and again. (It was a serious arm-lifting exercise for me!) When it wasn’t her turn, she was observing how other bigger kids climb up and go down the slide. I know from her eyes she wanted to start from the very top. It made me hesitant at first, but, eventually gave it a go. So, I put her on top of the platform, she climbed up a few steps up to the edge of the slide, and wee! 

We also tried the inflatable jump pad. She just gave it a go for a while and decided to go back to the spiral slide again. 🙂

At around 4 PM, Lala Chan the mascot made her what seemed like a less than five-minute appearance. Unfortunately, we were not able to do a photo-op because she already bid goodbye.

To cool down Olive’s clamor for the slide (and to give my arms a rest too), I encouraged her to play in the pretend town. Good thing she did :P. She occupied herself by playing with the plastic vegetables and fruits. Then, she moved on to the burger and ice cream section. At least we get to sit down for a while, and she also was able to interact with other kids.

Good thing about Kidzoona is that they have a water dispenser and paper cups in case we get thirsty. Moreover, they have a lounge area for parents or guardians who are just waiting for their kids to finish playing. They also promote kids’ participation by organizing mini games where they could win actual prizes.

When it was time to go, and we were wearing our shoes, she wanted to go back to the ball pit. I told her we will come back again next time. I think that was enough proof that she had a great time. It was really a fun experience for both of us.

I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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