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Meet the Big Bad Wolf!

I have always wanted to have a library. I usually acquire an average of 5 to 6 books a year. Although e-books are readily available online, nothing really compares to the feel (and smell) of book pages on your hands.

One day, I was scanning idly through my IG feed and saw the Big Bad Wolf Books video ad. Curiously, I clicked the link, and became immediately excited when it said that it will arrive in the Philippines for the first time.

Big Bad Wolf Books originated from Malaysia. It has a huge following in other countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It’s an annual book fair that a lot of people in the said countries look forward to. I even saw on the video ad that some even camp outside the venue before the grand opening day. They mostly sell excess books from international publishers. The event’s primary mission is to make books accessible to everybody at the most affordable prices.

Big Bad Wolf Philippines had its run here last February 16 to 25, 2018 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. True to its mission, it had a free entrance and was open for 24 hours since its grand opening day at 9am. On their social media pages, they had given us several teasers of bestseller books at reasonable price range. It further fueled the excitement to put this on my “must-visit” list.

Since I was not available on its first weekend leg, I went there last February 24. I was thinking of bringing a foldable trolley, because I had foreseen that I would be bringing home a lot of books (not to mention books can be heavy). But, I scratched out the thought at the last minute since I would just be commuting and I had set myself a 2000-peso budget. In this way, I won’t make a lot of impulse buying. 🙂 .

I tagged along my sister to go with me. Once we had gotten to the venue, there was really no long queue at the entrance. After the baggage check, we went inside and found ourselves overwhelmed at the sight. The entire exhibition center had tables upon tables and pallets upon pallets of books!  I’m not sure how many thousands (or million) of them there were. I overheard an excited kid say this to her mom, “There’s too many books! I don’t know where to start!”

There were signage per table listing categories such as General, Young Adults, Reference, History, Business, Graphic Novels, Romance, Suspense, Self Help, Animals & Pets, Movie & Music, Transportation, Adult Coloring, Art, Architecture, Humor, Beauty, and Home. The greatest bulk among the categories belonged to the Children’s books. 😀

We were not able to get a cart near the entrance. Good thing, we spotted and grabbed an empty one in the midst of busy book hunters. We browsed books per table category. It was quite difficult to take a closer look at the books especially in the fiction area because it was always crowded. I was still hoping to grab some good titles or best sellers, but, I think they already ran out. 🙁

Although I told myself I should just get any novel by a less popular author with a promising plot, I just kept on returning them for some odd reason. Since I was not able to get a good one, I just diverted my energy on finding books for my daughter. There were loads of children’s books and activity books. I wanted to buy some of those heavy reference books, but I thought it’s not yet appropriate for her age.

Four hours later, these were my haul for my daughter:

For hubby, since he likes watching old episodes of Top Gear Britain, I picked this:

I just picked these two for myself instead:

My total spend was 1,510 pesos. Yes! I made it within budget 😛 .

The Big Bad Wolf event overall was a good family bonding experience. Anybody at any age would be able to find something of his or her interest. Just don’t give in to the pressure of overfilling your carts with books that you don’t really need. Take the time to browse thoroughly and decide which ones you really like.  

If ever the Big Bad Wolf would come back, I would still go and tag along my husband and daughter so they could pick the books they like. Next time, I shall visit during opening day so that I would still be able to grab some bestsellers and better titles :).


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