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Northern Mindanao Experience – White Island and Bukidnon

We woke up early the following morning. We ate our breakfast and prepared our stuff. Upon check out, our driver was already waiting for us. This was our last day on the island. But before we leave Camiguin, we visited White Island.
White Island is actually a sand bar. When on the island, both Mount Hibok Hibok and Mt. Vulcan can provide a great background for pictures. There are no trees or makeshift tents, so it is advisable to go there early in the morning to avoid the scorching sun.
We reached the jump off point by 6 AM. While waiting for our boat (our travel agent already assigned us a boat ahead of time), we “window-shopped” along the stores selling souvenirs. We decided to buy later once we get back.
Our boat already arrived. It was a small boat wherein it could accommodate a maximum of 5 people. We hopped on and sailed towards the sand bar. It only took about 10 minutes to reach it. There were already a lot of people on the island. Some were snorkeling, some were relaxing, some were strolling. We alighted our boat and stepped on the white sand. It was not that powdery or fine as one might expect, but it was cool and comfortable to the feet. We shot some pictures before taking a dip into the fine water.


On our way to White Island



Mount Hibok Hibok can be seen from White Island





An hour later, we decided to head back. Once we reached the jump off point, it was unfortunate that there was no available water in the shower room. So we just decided to wipe ourselves dry and change into some clean clothes. We bought a few souvenirs, boarded our cab and went straight to Benoni port. We boarded the same ship we took yesterday. 🙂 The ride back lulled us to sleep. It was almost noon when we reached to Balingoan Wharf. We ate our lunch in a nearby eatery. Then, we hopped on our van and sped away towads Bukidnon.
Bukidnon is less than 1-hour-drive away from Cagayan de Oro City. It is known to be the “food basket” of Mindanao. There are a lot of plantations like rice, sugar and fruits. One of the famous plantation is the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation.
Camp Philips is the administration place of  the Del Monte Plantation. Before entering the compound, there is a big pineapple marker wherein one can take a picture.
The good thing about this place is that it is open to public. It is also a community where employees actually live. There were colorful looking houses, a school  and a basketball court.
We passed by the actual plantation. However, it was not yet harvest season during that time, so we really can’t see any growing pineapples yet. But we were amazed by its vastness.


Once reached the end of the pineapple fields, we were already at Dahilayan Adventure Park ; adjacent to it is the Dahilayan Forest Park.
This place was a delight! The breeze was cool and the view of the province was amazing! Our driver left us to enjoy exploring the park. The entrance fee is worth 100 pesos. There are a lot of amenities to enjoy inside the park.
The Adventure Park boasts the longest dual zip line in Asia. Aside from the zip line, there were also drop zone, rope courses, and “Flying Lizard”. Meanwhile, the Forest Park has Forest Luge, ATV & Buggy trail ride, Treetop Adventure, Zorbit, Bungee Bounce, mini golf course, horse back riding, play ground for kids and picnic areas. This entire park is very ideal for the entire family. However, one should have a big budget to enjoy all of the rides, because they are a bit pricey.


Love the pine trees





I was raring to go on the zip line, but my husband said we could do it later. So, we decided to try on the Forest Park’s amenities first.
This looks fun, but I didn’t ride in it 🙂

We tried on the Forest Luge first. We rode a jeep in order to get to the starting point of the track. Since the track course is spiralling downwards, I became hesitant at first because I was afraid that the ride would be fast and I might lose control. But, I calmed down a bit when the marshalls told us on how to operate the small vehicle and the safety rules while on track. We were also given helmets as safety precaution.




After taking our pictures, we were on our way! Whooppee!!!









It was way so much fun! The entire ride would actually depend on how fast you control the vehicle. Fortunately, we got to ride one more round! Yey!  After that, we were given free tickets to the mini golf course. We really don’t know how to play golf, but we tried it anyway.




Next, we tried the Buggy Trail Adventure. After paying the fee, we were asked to sign a waiver, and then we picked the buggy of our choice.



The terrain was a bit rocky, but good thing, there was a marshall behind us, so that in case we got lost or encountered a problem, he would be there to assist us.
Now it was time to do the zip line! The dual zip line is 840 meters long. You could go as fast as 80 kph.
We went back to Adventure Park. We paid for the longest zip line and waited for the 4 wheel drive vehicle to take us up to the launch tower. I was very excited, while my husband was starting to look pale. 🙂
The vehicle finally came and it transported us up. By the time we reached the summit, my husband was already telling me that he wanted to back out. I assured that it would be fun. When we were suited and buckled up, my husband saw how high up we were, so he made his decision not to go through it anymore. What ?? Okay, so I can’t back out now;  I would do it alone then. My hands were really clammy and my heart was beating fast.
The marshall then put me in a “superman” position. He uttered something like “have fun” and then he pushed me towards the air! I screamed my heart out! It was soo freakishly fun!!! I was kinda worried about the tree branches hitting me, but thank God they didn’t. When I was speeding half way, my fear turned to excitement and I stopped screaming. I just enjoyed the beautiful view instead! Wow!
Before I reached the end, there was someone gesturing at me that he would take my picture. So, I flashed him by widest grin.


My souvenir photo
It was really really fun! I can’t believe I actually conquered it!
Since we can’t refund the one we paid for my husband, the park staff suggested that we take the shorter and lower zip line version instead. My husband finally agreed. Haha! It was also fun nonetheless.



It was almost 5 PM and the park was about to close. But before we leave, we ate some snacks and bought our souvenir zip line photos.

What a fun day indeed! It was like being a kid again. 🙂

(3rd day on next post)

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