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Northern Mindanao Experience – Camiguin Island

I was lucky enough to score a less than thousand peso round trip fare ticket for two going to Cagayan de Oro. I decided to tag along my husband as our post wedding travel. Since the only thing we know about in Cagayan de Oro is its famous water rafting activity, we decided to do a side trip in Camiguin Island and Bukidnon province.
We found a travel agency which could accommodate our 3D2N itinerary. WonderEscapes Travel and Tour scored the best deal amongst other agencies we had inquired because it came with an affordable package and the itinerary we were looking for.
We arrived at Laguindingan Airport at around 9:45 AM. Our van was already there to pick us up. He instantly informed us that we have to make it to Balingoan Wharf before noon, so that we could catch the 12PM departure of the ship. I thought that the wharf was only 1 hour away, but it took more than 2 hours to get there. Our driver did his best to overtake vehicles and avoid traffic because of the ongoing road repairs, We reached the port just in the knick of time. We decided to skip lunch and boarded the ship immediately. Good thing, there was a vendor inside the ship selling chips and cup noodles, so we bought some just to calm our hungry stomach.
After eating, we sat back and relaxed while we enjoy the view and the calm waves.
Camiguin Island from afar


Our ship arrived at Benoni port an hour later. Our multi-cab driver was already waiting for us there. However, since we didn’t eat a proper lunch yet, we decided to eat in a nearby diner. Our driver was kind enough to let us eat first, although I know our time was a bit short already for the island tour.
Thirty minutes later, we were off to our tour. Our first stop was Katibawasan Falls. What was good about this place was that it did not require a long trek to reach the falls. Upon entrance, we could already hear the sound of the water. It was quite relaxing. One could swim in it, but we no longer did.





Next stop was Mount Hibok Hibok Hot Spring Resort. Oh, if we only had the luxury of time, we would have jumped in the relaxing warm water! We just explored the resort and felt the warm water with our hands and feet. 🙂



Camiguin’s countryside is very idyllic. While on our way to our next destination, our driver stopped and suggested to take our picture with this amazing view of this part of the island…




Our next destination was the Sunken Cemetery. The cemetery went under water after the volcano erupted during 1870. The only thing that was left was a large cross in the middle of the sea. We entered the walkway towards the viewing deck. Tourists have the option to go down, and take a boat ride towards the large cross. We no longer went near the cross because of time constraint. We just took a moment to appreciate it.



Next to it is the Gui-ob Churc ruins. It used to be a church made of coral stones. It was destroyed also during the volcano’s eruption. Upon entry, there were children selling candles. We bought a few pieces, and they guided us where to light them. I said a little prayer on a spot where the altar used to be. Then we explored the ruins and took some pictures.





Our last stop for the day was the Sto. Niño Cold Springs. Since it was already 5 PM, there were no longer people swimming in the resort. We just lingered for a bit and snapped a few photos.




It was already 6PM when we checked in our resort. The cute thing about it was we were the only guests for the night. We had the restaurant all to ourselves. 🙂 After dinner, we watched some TV and called it a night.

(Second day tour on next post)

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