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a cook

as chef gustov had said: “anyone can cook.”
i think cooking is part of a man’s instinct for survival. i think it is integral in each and every one of us, a skill that is waiting to be unleashed at some point in our life. some may be natural born cooks, while others need to study in order to learn how to cook. some do trial and errors. some religiously follow a recipe. some can be very creative in mixing and matching different ingredients altogether. some merely stick to tradition.

i was not interested in cooking during my teenage years. i consider it a burdensome duty of a future house wife. we were made to think that cooking is something an ideal house wife should possess in order to be lauded by their husbands or in-laws for that matter. i may sometimes be doing my fair share of peeling onion skins or pounding garlics, but that was it. i was not even good at chopping stuffs! i sometimes hated helping out in the kitchen, which sometimes causes the ire of our mother or even our grandmother. probably because i don’t like to commit mistakes when chopping, afraid that i might chop the wrong side of the onion or carrots or something. i thought, well, i can learn that later on in life. no need to rush. i was busy being a teenager and didn’t bother to learn how to cook…

but, as i learn how to appreciate food and how they are made, i suddenly realized that it is time to learn how to do it once and for all. so, i started browsing for the easiest recipe i could prepare… and i landed on menudo…
well, it was not the best menudo in the world, but, i’d rather it land inside my family’s stomach than in the garbage bin… somehow, it was appreciated, and it inspired me to try other recipes… the list went on, i cooked spaghetti, sinigang na baboy, mixed veggies, chicken sopas, cream of chicken, etc. etc. it was fulfilling in a way that i may not have the formal culinary training, but i can come up with decent and satisfactory meal. i realized that, hey, cooking is not so bad.
then, i tried my hands on making easy non-bake desserts, which becomes as equally satisfying!
one thing i would like to practice is food presentation. however, since i am not cooking to impress a hundred guests, maybe i should try more recipes to cook and improve my skills before delving into food presentation. i haven’t even got my hands on doing beef, or cleaning fish innards, or chopping chicken according to its anatomy. as soon as i would have graduated from my studies, i promise to myself that i will pursue cooking more stuffs. i will try to do a dish without the guidance of a recipe, and not rely too much on measurements, (well except for baking wherein measurement will determine the fate of your cake or bread). i will not be afraid to try intimidating dishes like kare-kare or pata tim…

who knows, i might be a good cook, if not great… just good at doing it!! 😉

I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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