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    i ♥ bohol (part 2)

    june 5 second day! we woke up at around 5am, in anticipation of another day of adventure. we barely ate breakfast because there was no hot water available in the dispenser. we just bought bottled water and grabbed a bite of the bread we had bought from the supermarket. our guide, kuya vito was right on time at 6am, with his little assistant. we embarked on his boat named aldrin. it was pretty exciting to take a trip via boat early in the morning. we took pictures as we go to the spot were dolphins can be sighted. after waiting for a few minutes, we were joining other boats, looking…

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    i ♥ bohol (part 1)

    day 1 after all the hype and anticipation, the day had finally come! ^-^ i barely slept a wink because of too much excitement. we left for the airport at 6AM, and reached it 30 minutes later…naia terminal 2..well, a nice airport.. well air conditioned.. however, some trash were left uncleaned especially on the benches in the waiting area… we just spent the waiting time chatting with one another. finally, boarding time, a few minutes before flight..we were greeted by stewardess. i had the window seat, which was exciting atfirst… then, time for flight. i looked out the window while it ascended. and it made me very dizzy… i was…

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