the greatest entertainer ever lived

after michael jackson’s death, tributes flooded the small screen left and right. there were reminiscence of his life starting as a young lead group singer to being a pop super star. until, the scandals and ugly publicity put him into a bad light; his shining star gradually faded… it all seemed surreal that after all these years, despite of his laying low from the limelight, his old videos and features still make him larger than life. michael jackson did walk this earth and shared his humanity through his music.

i am not a die-hard fan of this man, but, his music was a part of my youth. i would remember being at awe just by watching his videos. i would sing along to his inspirational songs and groove to his upbeat hits. i always wonder, why do these people faint and cry at the mere sight of him? what kind of impact did this man has that other artists don’t?

i read about the article of his memorial. it was somber and poignant. the artists who have sung in his memorial might have found it difficult to cover his songs, with him laying peacefully in front of them. if i were the singer, i might also choke up all the words that i were singing. their were also sharing about how ordinary he could be in spite of his superstar persona. and most of all, how he was honored by his children, saying he was the greatest father. it was a confirmation that through a child’s eyes, he is a human being with feelings, not a commodity being judged and ridiculed upon. it was also a warming thought, that during his concert here in manila way back 1996, he stopped by at roxas boulevard to acknowledge his fans waving at him on the street. he likewise made use of his time here to celebrate christmas with the kids. and, i think the best part that i have read was, by the time he left manila, in his hotel suite, food like Haagan Dazs and chocolates can be seen in his room,it goes to show that he really was a child at heart. moreover, he left a lipstick marked message on the mirror on how he would miss this country.

for me, it is sad that people are remembering him more now than before. where were those people when he was facing court trials of various accusations and tabloid jeerings about his evolving appearance? you would begin to understand how his behavior became so eccentric through the years. the media exaggerated every thing about him that made him look so bad. people might have thought that he was made of stone, that he was invincible. for me, i think he had faced the most aching heart break and mortification that anybody could think of. i could not help but sympathize about it.

i watched some of his videos, interviews, and snippets of one of his anniversary concert last night. he was a dreamlike figure in his interviews; a phantom donned in shades and military jacket. he was a quiet person answering questions when only asked upon. and his voice and laughter was as soft as a feather. he seemed untouchable and fragile. but, when he set his feet on the stage, BAM! he was a completely different person. the way he sang and danced emanated frenzied screams from his audience. i got goosebumps when i saw him perform once again. you could see his passion for his craft, his fervor to entertain. being a king of pop is not enough a term for him. he was always more than that.

michael jackson was an inspiration and a pioneer. without him, other stars who bask in the limelight at present wouldn’t become who they are today, because, they all had looked up to him. he had touched lives through the lyrics of his songs. he had also inspired us to heal the world and encouraged each and every one of us to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and make that change within ourselves.

“like a sunset, dying with the rising of the moon… gone too soon.”
may he finally find peace in his own neverland.

I am a wife to Francis and a mother to Olivia. I am an avid reader, but a frustrated writer. Maybe considered a millennial, but very much of a "manang".

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