• Musings

    the greatest entertainer ever lived

    after michael jackson’s death, tributes flooded the small screen left and right. there were reminiscence of his life starting as a young lead group singer to being a pop super star. until, the scandals and ugly publicity put him into a bad light; his shining star gradually faded… it all seemed surreal that after all these years, despite of his laying low from the limelight, his old videos and features still make him larger than life. michael jackson did walk this earth and shared his humanity through his music. i am not a die-hard fan of this man, but, his music was a part of my youth. i would remember…

  • Prose and Poetry

    night.moon and stars alight,the quietude of dusk til midnighthear the whispers of the oceanand the somber flow of the river.children breathing heavenly reverie,with little pixies giggling idly on sleeping flowers. ————————————–dream.the spirit roams free,entering a warped world,lovely and exquisite or revolting and dreadful.visions may emit laughter,visions may emanate tears.

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