i miss school. i am creating this “survey” of sort:

favorite hang out in school
elementary – classroom
high school – library
college – colayco park and library

favorite part of the day in school
elementary – recess
high school – dismissal, wherein i could loiter in school and stay until 7pm
college – if the profs are absent for the last two periods

favorite school supply
elementary – my automatic pencil case
high school – binder holding my articles for the school paper (feeling organized)
college – my blue back pack

favorite physical education activity
elementary – play all you can
high school – aerobics dancing
college – basketball

favorite math subject
elementary – multiplication
high school – algebra
college – algebra

favorite english subject
elementary – reading
high school – grammar
college – literature

favorite social studies subject
elementary – ??
high school – philippine history
college – asian history, economics

favorite science subject
elementary – ??
high school – biology
college – biology

favorite computer subject
elementary – typing
high school – microsoft office
college – internet

favorite teacher
elementary – mrs. jimenez
high school – ms halili
college – dr. cabral and prof landig

favorite “kakaibang” experience/activity in school
elementary – when ronald mcdonald visited our school, and we hid under our auditorium chairs
because he was looking for a volunteer

high school – week long 75th foundation day celebration and when almost all teachers were
absent for two days because of food poisoning

college – the professors in our college performed on stage

graduation songs
elementary – “that’s what friends are for”
high school – “through the years”
collge – hmm… funny… i think we didn’t have one

favorite shared victorious moments
elementary – when our room was the cleanest among all rooms, we were treated to mc do
– overall champion in 1st ever sports fest (stapler lang ata premyo namin dun)

high school – 3rd year , 1st place in Science Week Drama contest (I wrote the script kasi hehe)
3rd year , our batch won in girls’ basketball in sportsfest

college – 4th year, champion JCBA – cheering competition
3rd and 4th year , champion Salinggawi cheer dance competition
perfect grade in finals of PE dancing (in fairness, we thought of the choreography and
practiced it all in just one afternoon)

favorite activities
elementary – cooking class
high school – writing articles for school paper
college – outreach activities for ComAch

favorite parties
elementary – christmas party – grade six
high school – 3rd and 4th year christmas party and JS prom
college – 3rd and 4th year christmas party and paskuhan

weird stuffs did in school
elementary – ghost hunting
high school – hiding from disciplinarian for using the 5th floor CR
college – looking for a secluded place just to eat my baon, away from people

accomplishments in school
elementary – graduated salutatorian
high school – top ten graduating students
college – dean’s lister 3rd year

favorite field trips
elementary – intramuros
high school – ripley’s museum
college – field trips for our feasibility studies

favorite project
elementary – none
high school – creating cut out letters for PCHS foundation day exhibit
college – home made ham

favorite laboratory activity
elementary – none
high school – dissecting frogs
college – hands on computer, just doing internet

favorite program that i had participated in
elementary – grade 6 – group declamation in chinese
high school – 3rd year – folk dance
college – 2nd year – “Taming of the Shrew” play

classroom officer
elementary – grade 5 – vice president
grade 6 – president
high school – 3rd year – secretary
college – member lang lagi

extra curricular activities
elementary – none

high school – 1st year – English & Math club (member)
2nd year – Tanglaw & English club (contributing writer; member)
3rd year – Tanglaw & English club (contributing writer; President)
4th year – Tanglaw (Literary Editor)

college – 1st year and 2nd year – Scarlet & Precom (member)
3rd year – JCBA (member)
4th year – JCBA, ComAch (member)

favorite part or thing in classroom
elementary – grade six room = aquarium
high school – third year room= teacher’s table and bulletin board (kasi ako nag decorate nun hehe)
college – all year = aircon

favorite chore in classroom
elementary – erasing blackboard
high school – erasing blackboard
college – hindi na uso ang classroom monitor

elementary – joined a chinese sing and dance club every saturday
high school – declaimed a Mama Mary monologue in front of the high school student body
college – walked from Binondo to Espana to Binondo everyday

music listened to..
elementary – jologs songs
high school – backstreet boys
college – alternative

best grades
elementary – hnd ko na matandaan

high school – highest grade in periodical exam amongs freshmen = Filipino & T.H.E
highest grade in periodical exam – grammar (3rd year)

college – Uno in calculus (aba’y akalain mong mag perfect ako sa Math subject!)
Uno in PE (dancing)
Uno in Asian studies

worst grades
elementary – 40% in a chinese math quiz
high school – 10/40 in math exam (first year)
college – 2.75 = flowcharting and table tennis

Well, school is not only a place for learning, but also a place where the best part of our youth happened…

I may not be the best student there was, but, I had collated the best memories!!

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